Hello and welcome!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Seriously. I mostly grew up in the South. We love strangers. As long as you mind your manners (no spam! be polite!)

If you're on any kind of a writing journey, you've come to the right place. Well, right place as in
social media, not right place as in MY blog necessarily, if you know what I mean. I'm not that cool.

But I have found that Twitter and Blogging in general have both been such a great resource for me throughout the years. Not only have I met some great people online who have turned into lifelong friends and writing partners, but I've also learned so much about the process of publication and how things work, what to expect, and above all else: UNFAILING ENCOURAGEMENT.

You'll find that no matter where you find yourself along the path, or which branch you choose along that path, that the writing community is a really supportive bunch. And it's smaller than you think. Be kind, good luck, and if you find yourself up early, come join us on Twitter at #5amwritersclub where the coffee is strong and the people are awesome.

See you out there.

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