Wednesday, February 25, 2015


You guys!

I don't know if you heard, but February was basically the month of ALL the AWESOME news!

It's so cool to see so many of my online and IRL friends having writing success! And it's so well deserved! Congrats to each and everyone one of you! You are an inspiration!

In case you missed it, here were some of my MOST favorite highlights:

DL Hammons from Cruising Altitude signed with an agent!
DL was one of the first writers I "met" online, and though we've never officially met in person, I can tell you he's like a big teddy bear--he's always optimistic, always encouraging, and very, very humble. Just an all around good guy. It doesn't take long hanging out around his blog to see that for yourself. Speaking of...if you've never been to his blog, you really, really need to visit. Like now. Go ahead. I'll wait. His agent story is one of inspiration and hope, and you can read Part 1 of his journey HERE. Congrats again, buddy! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

Julie Dao also signed with an agent!
Julie is another long time blogging and Twitter buddy. She, like DL (who I believe both critique each other's cool is that?!?), has a HUGE heart. She always tends to be happy, upbeat, and so, so supportive of other writers. Hearing her announcement right after DL's just seemed right. Like the universe had spoken. Her story, like DL's, is so inspiring, and proves that optimism and determination are often the road to success. As writers, so many of us struggle with ups and downs and the rejections that are a necessary evil of the process of publication. It's so great to hear how both hard work and a great attitude, always believing in yourself and your craft, can help you gain that success! Congrats, Julie! Thanks for sharing your story, and for always being encouraging! I can't wait to read your book!

Emmy Curtis signed a new 3 book deal for her Alpha Ops series!
The official announcement:

Emmy is a dear friend of mine who I'm going to miss VERY much when she moves in a few short weeks! If you like romance, especially of the VERY HOT kind, you must check these books out! I just finished OVER THE LINE and so far, it's my favorite....there were laugh out loud moments, blushing, fanning myself moments, and speeding-through-the-pages-to-see-what-happens next moments. You can check out her snazzy new website HERE, and if you come back next Friday, March 6th, I'm posting an interview with Emmy and giving away an autographed copy of OVER THE LINE and some fun swag! Congrats to you (and us as readers) on the Alpha Ops series, Emmy!

Erin Fletcher has a new blog...about Young Living oils and the writing life!
Not going to lie, guys. I'm ADDICTED to essential oils. I'm new at it, and Erin's been helping me learn all about the best ways to use them. She's an awesome resource if you've ever been curious about oils and their many benefits!

Any other good news I missed? If so, PLEASE SHARE in the comments!

Here's to hoping March brings about more good news for all of my friends! Keep up the amazing work, and keep sharing the joy!


  1. Awwwww.....warm fuzzies!! (((HUGS))) That is so kind of you! So many have come and gone...but I'm REALLY glad you're still here. Thank you! :)

    1. DL...ALL THE HUGS! And I'm glad I get credit for still being here...even though my track record is a little "spotty"....still counts, right? ;0)

  2. Aw Kristi, you made me tear up! Thank you SO much for this kind shoutout. You are a wonderful part of the blog/Twitter community and I'm so happy you're one of my buddies!

    1. Julie - You are SO, SO very welcome! This writer community is all the better because of super kind, supportive people like you in it! (((hugs)))