Thursday, August 1, 2013

Migraine Madness

Those of you who suffer from the occasional migraine (heaven forbid, FREQUENT migraines) know what I'm talking about.

There's nothing worse than the feeling of one coming on, of knowing the signs before it's about to strike (distorted vision for me), and realizing the clock has already begun to tick down to that final, inevitable, heinous moment when your brain hurts so much you're sure it's about to force it's way out of your skull. Don't worry. I'm not exaggerating. That's pretty much how it feels. Am I right?

Over the years they've hit me at business lunches, at my desk at work, and at home curled up in bed first thing in the morning. I've gotten sick in public bathrooms, have abandoned my car to have co-workers drive me home, and on one really horrific occasion, even had to pull over on the side of the road to be sick. Yeah, trust me, not fun.

Migraines are no par-tay. And no matter when they hit, or why they hit, the end result is always the same: me with my head tucked under a pillow, in a dark room, the shades drawn, praying it will stop hurting enough that I can fall asleep for a few hours. And after those few hours and a bit of wretching? Back to normal.

Is it any wonder that the mere thought of  red wine (one of my DEFINITE triggers) makes my stomach curl up into a ball? It's mad, I tell you, MAD. And also? Sad. I miss my wine. I do. Just not enough to take a sip. Other items added to my avoid-at-all-costs-list? Bananas, eggs, and pineapple. All things I enjoy, mind you, just not enough to tempt the fates. (You can find frequent migraine trigger food lists online if you're curious.)

I've also started taking Magnesium supplements daily after reading an article about the benefits. Jury's still out on if they're actually helping or not. I don't get them frequently enough to know for sure, but it HAS been a few months since my last occurrence, so maybe?

What about you? Do you suffer from migraines? Any tips/tricks you've learned over the years? Anything you avoid?

Random Tidbit: Every time I think about Migraines, this song pops into my head:
(Love the song by the way--the video? Ehhh...)

Hope this post finds you well and 100% migraine free. :-)

Peace, love and books,

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