Friday, June 21, 2013

Life lessons via TV/Movie Clips: Take 2


Kudos to the person (or writer) who can make it through life (or a draft) alone. I think that's a rare talent. Because most of us? We need others. We crave acceptance and camaraderie.

There's just something special about sharing life with another human being who GETS IT, who understands, and who no matter what happens, will no questions asked, be there for you, no matter what insane or stupid thing you do. That's the stuff the best friendships are made of. Those are the ones, both in real life and in the books and movies, that move us. And those relationships are the ones I adore reading about, and the ones that are so much fun to write.

But the thing about GOOD FRIENDS is that they're often hard to come by. Friendship is vital. But it's also risky. We're all flawed. We make mistakes. It can hurt. You can get burned. You can accidentally and unintentionally do the burning. Friendship doesn't mean you're both perfect, most of the time it just means you both care enough about each other to ignore or deal with the flaws. And to always support each other.

Here's the thing--don't let fear or past experience stop you from opening up to the possibility. You never know what you could be missing. No one gets anywhere by not trying. And you're never too old to make new friends. Trust me.

So, be brave, open yourself up to friendship, choose wisely, and love well, because when you do make those friends, the ones who could never be replaced, they last a lifetime. And whether or not you see them on a regular basis, they'll leave a friend-shaped place in your heart forever.

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