Saturday, May 18, 2013

Writing Cave~a progress report of sorts (kind of)

Remember that time I thought I could write two books in a year? With a full time job? And a family? And my neurotic need to revise and get feedback as I draft? *laughs maniacally*

Yeah. I like a good challenge. And I still haven't given up on it. Not entirely. Both stories have a pretty hefty start, but over the last few weeks, one of them has pulled ahead of the other. It's begging to be finished.

And so, when you don't see me around the blogosphere much these days, it's safe to assume you know where I am: The Writing Cave. Generally first thing in the morning. And if you happen to be on Twitter, definitely catch up with me there (@kristikay13). It's easier to meet new people and keep up with things there when I'm busy.

And guys? I'm having so much fun. Both on Twitter and with the writing.

There's a reason those of us that write DO THIS THING. And lately I've been remembering why. It fills us up in a way other things don't. The words bring about their own sense of peace when we get them right...when we tell that story that needs to live in a place outside of our own heads.

Yeah. That.

Happy Saturday, bloggy friends!

Wishing  you peace, love, books, and ALL the good words!

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  1. So why haven't you signed up for my WIP IT GOOD Blogfest so you can tell us all about the WIP that is pulling ahead?? Curious minds want to know!!! :)