Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Caution: TMI fangirling ahead!

TMI, as in The Mortal Instruments and NOT as in Too Much Information. (Because I'm pretty sure there can never be too much City of Bones movie filming information. Seriously.)

If you're a fan of Cassandra Clare's series and haven't already checked out the TMI Source site below, what are you waiting for? They have great photos and daily reports  from Toronto, Canada where the movie is currently being filmed.


Very cool.

There's also the movie website, which can be found here:

And if you aren't already following author Cassandra Clare on Twitter (@cassieclare), you should. She posts regular updates and fun fan questions, etc...

There's also a terrific fansite here:

What am I *most* looking forward to in the movies?

Magnus Bane, and of course, sweet, silly, adorable, SIMON.


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