Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Heat! The Conference! The Shopping! Part II

Ready for more Texas photo tour?!?

Because I'm ba-aack from vacay and all motivated, and if there's one thing I've learned about my motivation, it's to go with the flow when it arrives. Know what I mean?

So, where were we?

Oh yeah, DAY 2:

The girls and I went to San Antonio for the day, where we

visited the Alamo:
(how cute is KM? seriously.)

saw this awesome tree:
(I'm thinking of framing it. Pretty, no?)

did a river boat ride down the San Antonio River Walk:
(my favorite K-Rae photo, so cute! I totally meant to swipe borrow
that owl necklace while I was there but came home empty handed. *sob*)

we ate dinner with some seriously aggressive ducks at our feet:
(which Katie Marie kept feeding, thankfully distracting them
from my exposed toes, which they seemed determined to nibble):

Exhibit A: Aggressive Duck

Best Guacamole Ever:

That was Friday in a nutshell.
The rest of our night consisted of practice pitching for the conference the
next morning and getting some much needed rest. Oh, and rhyming via Twitter.
You know, cuz that's how we roll. ;)

Here we are at the conference on Satuday, looking all conferency:

The conference itself was great, and we were all lucky enough to meet a super cool agent, who was not only super-friendly and helpful, but willing to give a revise & resubmit right there at the cocktail party, which was beyond cool. It made our first ever conference experience a great one to remember.

As for the agent pitch session: I won't lie. It was a bit nerve-wracking until I was there, in front of said agent-of-awesome, with the nerves behind me. It certainly doesn't help that the whole process felt like some kind of acting casting call, with the elevator ride to the 17th floor, the door with stairs leading to the 18th floor, where you check in and wait for your name to be called, complete with escort, into the room where eight agents sit at round tables, all waiting and receiving pitches from everyone, all together. Totally NOT what I imagined. Luckily, with the agent of awesome I was paired with, it all melted away once we started talking, but had it not, I may have possibly died.

Interesting that us private writer types, who spend most of our time alone with a computer, go through a process such as this one. I have never been more thankful for my outgoing personality. I can't imagine being shy and making it through. It was/is so daunting.

Everything post-pitch was much more chill and the girls and I met so many cool people and new writerly friends. I even got a new crit partner out of the deal, which is something I never expected.

All in all, the whole week was jam-packed full of FUN.

We went shopping on Sunday with Kim, saw the Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter movie that night (hello gory, but good), and on Monday it was time to fly home.

I couldn't have asked for a better trip to Texas to meet my critique girls for the first time. The conference was great, and the company was beyond comparison.

I was even able to meet these lovelies before flying home, and they are absolutely PRECIOUS!
(don't you just want to hug them?!?)


  1. You gals are so cute! Glad you had a blast before, during, and after conference. AND that your first pitch went well :) Those pitch rooms can be so overwhelming, right?

  2. I like your conferency look!! :) Wish I was there with you gals!! Maybe next year?

    1. Thanks, DL!

      And, yes, NEXT YEAR! (Seriously...would be fun to meet more bloggers in person!)

  3. Awwwwww cute!!!! Yay for conference fun! :-)

    1. It was awesome!!!

      Miss you girls already! :)

  4. Oh, how fun!!! You look like you had a BLAST! Wish I went...

  5. Me too, Jennifer, me too! Would've be great to meet you in person! :)