Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pardon my rant

Okay, those of you on Twitter may be tired of hearing about it by now...because I certainly wasn't alone in my NBC feelings regarding the Olympic Ceremony in London yesterday, but after a night spent reflecting (and still very much annoyed) on exactly WHY I was so bothered, for me, this was/is the best way to GET IT OUT.

Because normally I'm a pretty optimistic person, usually I'm glass-half-full, normally I can ignore trivial bothersome things (okay, that might not be accurate...I can be a little OCD) BUT, my point (I swear I have one) is that this whole broadcast pestered me to the point that my tweeting became more vicious (in my mind) than I'm comfortable with. (As sarcastsic and vicious as I get me, it was tame comparatively.)

SO, here's what I've concluded after a night of thought:

First off, let me state the obvious: NBC dropped the ball BIG time. I wasn't thrilled about the delay, but I understood it, it was LOGICAL, and I could deal. They were allowing for the majority of us to be able to watch it together. If only.

Truth is, they cut out bits and pieces of the ceremony that they didn't air, which still confuses me. I mean, if you're on a delay, the advantage (in my mind) would be that when you go to commercial, you don't have to miss anything. It's all a GIANT RECORDING at this point, right? But no, that would be crazy. And it wasn't just the fun, action packed parts they cut out either, but some of the Parade of Nations as well. You'd leave for commercial on one letter and come back on another later on down the line, and they'd say something like, "while you were gone, we saw XXX and XXX, and here we are at XXX."


But it got worse. Way worse.

The commentating was horrible in a way that's just, well, AWKWARD.

It was unintelligent at best, something that, during the beginning of the Opening Ceremony, as they explained what was happening on stage, made you cringe. I'm not sure if it was intentionally dumbed down or if that's just how they roll, but the vibe was more of a Macy's Day Parade broadcast than an Opening Ceremony Broadcast. There was a level of respect and awe, that for me, was vacant. It lessened the experience.

But even that wasn't the worst. The worst was reserved for the highlight of every Opening Ceremony, the Parade of Nations. Here's this huge moment of unity, of peace, of the WORLD coming together with all our differences, united, for one reason. Sure, at it's heart, it's to compete, but it's MORE than that. It's beautiful to see so many different cultures, so many different languages, all under one roof.

It's beautiful. And moving. And we should all be in awe of it.

But not NBC. No. They're commenting was more pageant style, with random facts being shouted out as each country passed, and none of the facts were given in a respectful, loving manner. None. The undertone was "We are America and we are awesome, aren't these other countries who don't have a chance cute." And that's being nice. Because none of them actually think anyone is cute. I don't's hard to explain, it was just....SAD.

And the saddest part is that I don't believe it was intentional at all. I don't think NBC or the commentators themselves were trying to be offensive. I think they were clueless, and that their comments, given without much thought, embodied what is so wrong with our country.

It should've been beautiful. It should've been respectful. It should've been commentating about how great it is to have all these people come together, how great a job London was doing with the whole thing, but it just wasn't. And that was BEYOND DISAPPOINTING.

I was embarrassed. For all of us. For our country.

Okay, rant over.

The Opening Ceremony itself (sans US interference/commentary) was amazing. It was fun, it was moving, and have you seen that torch? So gorgeous, so creative, so awesome to see all those construction workers lining the hall as it was carried past. So many aspects came together for one night of beautiful entertainment. And now the games begin.

I can't wait to watch.

And next year? Maybe I'll switch to viewing the Opening Ceremony live on my computer instead of my own tv.

Anyone else watch it? Did you have a strong reaction? What did you think?


  1. I saw the opening ceremonies and enjoyed it. The only thing that seemed wrong to me is the fact that the Olympic torch is INSIDE the stadium. So unless you have an event there, you can't see it. I think that's kind of strange.

    I do hate the fact that most of the events will be delayed (which is understandable). I just wish other news media didn't announce the winners until the event has been aired on TV.

    1. Hi Stacy!

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      Have to agree, that the torch, while beautiful, would be more meaningful if it were outside where it can be seen at all times. I wonder if there was something about its construction that prevented it?

      Thanks for the glad maybe it was just me, and that others weren't bothered. :)

  2. I was in the room while my wife watched it, but didn't pay much attention, instead choosing to write. I'll have to ask her how she felt about it. :)

    1. Good for you for writing, DL! You GO! (Is this the new shiny project I think I've heard you say you're working on? In the creative stages? YAY)

  3. Yes, the delay is unfortunate, but it does give us all a chance to be home from work to watch. I just don't want things spoiled for me before I get a chance to watch them (hubs had to figure out how to turn off the news app on his phone because it kept ruining EVERYTHING for him haha). I didn't love the opening ceremony. Yes, the commentating really did feel like the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and every country in the parade of nations may as well have been holding a giant balloon. But even all the theatrical stuff... I just didn't get it. I was sort of okay with the beginning up through the smokestack stuff, but once they started the kids jumping on their beds and the "supposed nurses and doctors who all seem to be professional dancers" they lost me. The texting story or Internet story or WHATEVER that was supposed to be that did nothing but encourage one night stands (that's what it looked like to me anyway) was really unfortunate and after that I hardly paid attention. Until Mr. Bean rocked it. He was the highlight for me. hahaha. Well, him and David Beckham driving the torch boat.
    Okay, rant over. We're in agreement. LOL.