Saturday, April 7, 2012

A to Z: Gorgeous Gale of the Games

I'm pretty sure three "G's" qualifies as extra credit, right?

No? What if I showed you this?

That's right.
Team Gale Girl here. From the beginning. All the way to the end.
And even after seeing adorable Peeta in the movie.

That's right. I'm hard core like that.

Am I all alone? The last Team Gale girl standing?
It's been lonely lately. Surely there are others out there?

And yes, I've read all the books.
Disclaimer: All photos take from


  1. Gale is the better looking guy cast, but in the books I like Peeta better.

  2. Sorry Kristi. I'm a Peeta fan. I would just rather have a guy who adored me and would sacrifice his life for me than a guy who kind of liked me but never really said anything.

    And I think Gale is really more of a brotherly figure to Katniss - or maybe cousinly, you know. ;)

    1. Okay, now I'm a real loser because I haven't seen this yet. I think they're both cute, though :)

  3. I STILL haven't decided whether I'm going to see this or not. I loved the books - and I don't usually watch movies made from my faves. They let me down so often. But everyone seems to think going would be a good idea. We'll see... :)

  4. Gale was definitely HOT. Great pick for him. :)