Sunday, April 1, 2012

A to Z: Alcide Herveaux

The first day of the blogging A to Z challenge!!!

*crosses fingers I chose right day to start*

I'm going to try to do a book related post for each day (Did any of you have any doubts as to the subject material? Really?)

This guy seemed like a good place to start:

Character Name: Alcide Herveaux

Book Relation: Were (werewolf) in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris,
and consequently the TV series True Blood that is LOOSELY based on the books

Why I love him: Aside from his hotness in the series (seriously cute, right?), his character in the books is written really well. He isn't this perfect dashing man who always gets it right and never makes a mistake. On the contrary, his ex-girlfirend is horrible and he still cares for her (for awhile), he uses Sookie for her telepathy off and on without telling her, even though it's obvious he's interested, and he tends to be a little male chauvenistic from time to time. And sometimes *gasp* I'm not even a fan. He irritates me. *double gasp* But that's also why I tend to think his character has more depth. Real men (and women) make mistakes. Sometimes they're selfish, sometimes they don't think before opening their mouths. None of us are perfect, but so often in romance novels especially, the characters have few flaws and the ones they do have are easy to overlook, or sneaky enough to actually highlight their good traits.

Characters like Alcide remind me as a writer to keep my characters human, to allow them their flaws.
More often than not, it'll add depth to your stories.


  1. Alcide is one of my favourite characters from the Sookie Stackhouse series!

  2. I only read the first Sookie book and we don't get HBO, so no True Blood series either. But I get what your saying! :)

  3. He's a hottie, that's for sure.

  4. i so agree on the characters remaining human--which is why i have some difficulty in writing about real people

  5. I agree that character need depth. Thanks for analyzing Alcide.

  6. I've come across the Sookie Stackhouse books from time to time (I shelve books at my library) but aside from reading the back covers I've never read them.

    Alcide is quite good looking (and such a cool name, too!)

  7. You know, I've never read the books or watched the show.

  8. I love your theme and will be peaking in throughout the challenge to see your posts. Can you believe I've never seen True Blood? I need to remedy that after seeing this picture!

    Thanks for visiting my Belly Button post!

  9. I love the books - the show is a bit much for me so I stopped at the start of season 2. I always liked Alcide but in the books she's off to the next guy so fast! I also liked the tiger guy.. forget his name, I don't think he's been in the TV series yet.

  10. I think the characters in some of my scripts
    will be too ghoulish but it's a very good idea
    nonetheless :) I just read your 'Y' posting so
    will call back for the 'B' to 'Z' later :)

    Have a fun week...