Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another signing, another giveaway!

Guess who I get to see this weekend???

I'll give you a has to do with THIS BOOK that I cannot WAIT to read:
Love, love, love this cover! And that's right....the amazing Lauren Oliver! Her book, Delirium, had me thinking for days. I loved the whole concept behind the book and how she creatively twisted things we knew, tweaked them just slightly, so that you weren't always sure exactly the way it was supposed to be. She showed us through Lena's world just how easy it was to change a word and thus the meaning. And a whole lot more.

BUT clearly, I ramble.

Just know that a shiny new copy of Pandemonium will be available for a giveaway next Wednesday, so be sure to check back. Whatever I come up with will be super MEGA EASY. And trust me, I want to send this book to you. Though I may make you discuss it with me in length when you're done.

You've been warned. :P

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to her signing on Saturday and I can't wait! :)