Friday, June 17, 2011

Writing is like...

Hey everyone!

It's time for a writing-related-meme that's been making it's way around the blogsphere lately. I was tagged by the lovely Kayeleen, and you can read her meme entry here.
For me, writing is like...

It starts with an urge,  this insane desire at your very core, this obstacle that you don't just want to do or accomplish, it's more than that. There's a part of you that NEEDS to do it. Not doing it isn't an option.

You've watched the X-games (read loads of books), you've gone to the mountain (finished your first manuscript), you've seen those talented skiers and snowboarders (authors you admire) flying through the powder like gazelle's (hello NYT bestsellers).

But you're tired of watching, it's time to participate.

So you rent or invest in some equipment (find a critique group) and buy some cool-looking clothes (blog or website), because let's face it, if you're going to fall on your butt that many times, you might as well look good doing it. That first trip down the mountain is painful. You fall more than you stand (revision, revision, revision), you're butt and knees are bruised (not to mention your ego), you're body is totally exhausted (late nights), but you know what? You made it down the mountian in one piece. You survived! (first manuscript revisions down!)

So you get on the chairlift and you do it again (even more revisions), only this time you have more experience and it's less painful. Little by little you learn what to do, how to shift your weight, what foot to put first (present or past tense), what NOT to do.

You feel pretty good. You've GOT this. So you start recording yourself (querying), sure that you look like a pro, you've done your time on the ground, you know how to carve the snow, to move back and forth with speed, without falling. You're on a snowboarding/writing high.

And then you watch it back (get rejections). It's horrible. You want to cry. You want to crawl inside a closet and never show your face again. It hurts. Days, week, months go by. It doesn't hurt so much. You feel the NEED you did in the beginning, that basic instinct, that desire.

You realize the video (and agents) doesn't lie. You still need work. And you've come to terms with it, you know it's the right thing to do. So you go back at it with a passion that wasn't there before. You practice like never before. You NEVER give up. Because giving up isn't an option.

Each trial, each mountain gets you closer to that goal. I haven't reached the end of either adventure yet, but I'm ready and the passion is there.

What's writing like to you? three are IT. 
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. I like it when you said "you get tired of watching". That's how I started. Got tired of watching and needed to try it.
    I've fallen (and still fall) on my butt sometimes. LOL

  2. I've never been snowboarding, but you relate it well to something I do understand. It does seem exhilarating, and makes writing and publishing seem so too.

  3. Great analogy! I'll just keep my bootie in the house though where it's warm and toasty....

  4. I've never been snowboarding, and I can definitely see the similarities from what you said about it! Great analogy! :)

  5. Great analogy with this post. A really interesting read. :)

  6. Great post. I agree with most of it, until you go to the parts where "agents don't lie." I'm not implying that they do, but just because your book isn't something that appeals to them, or that they think is a good sale in the current marketplace doesn't necessarily reflect on your writing. Although, I recognize there is always room for improvement, even for most published authors.

    Just my thoughts.