Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm an Aunt!

It was a VERY busy weekend around the Chestnutt household,
but one event on Friday stood out above all the others.

At around 3:30 in the afternoon,
I became an AUNT for the very first time to this little sweetie:
Precious little Audrey.

She may only be 7 pounds, 4 ounces, but she's already won all our hearts.
Mommy, Daddy, and baby are all doing well!

Hope everyone out there had an awesome weekend...any exciting (or unexciting) news to share?

I dare you to trump mine.


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  1. She's so precious! Congratulations.

  2. Oh, so sweet. Thanks for sharing the adorable picture!

  3. Well, I got a new office but you definitely win by a landslide. Congrats! She's a beauty. Spoil her every chance you get.

  4. No way to trump such magnificent news! Congratulations, Auntie! Audrey is truly precious. Such a sweet little thing.

  5. Hey Kristi. Just wanted you to know I'm tagging you for a meme at my blog tomorrow,

  6. So precious!!!!
    Congrats to your family!
    Kelly Polark