Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's go Red Sox!

So.....anyone besides myself stay up and watch that game???

I mean, WOW. Talk about a night of baseball worth watching! It reminded me so much of why I love to watch and why I get so obsessed.

A few highlights:
***Salty (Saltalamacchia) got his first HomeRun in a Red Sox uniform. Now, I'm a HUGE Varitek fan, but I'm still rooting for Salty to find his groove and I'm taking this as a clue that his hitting may be making a comeback. Plus, there's nothing better than seeing the team get pumped up when one of their own has a milestone moment. I love the looks on everyone's faces, the congratulations, the look of glee...

***Posada - Lots of drama surrounding this catcher turned DH during the game. He bowed out on Saturday an hour before he was supposed to play and is having a hard time with his new place
on the team. (Insert whining here). Towards the end of the game, he came up to the plate and was walked, though not intentionally. The crowd went wild, and even though I'm not a Yankee, I love seeing fans support their players...

***A-Rod - I know it's not nice to actually hate people (at least that's how I was raised), but this man pushes the envelope for me. So when he missed the slow ball that rolled between his legs last night and my favorite player, Pedroia, went right on running past him to score, I'll admit it, I laughed, I cheered, I yelled, I LOVED every minute.

***Pedroia - Speaking of Pedroia, he had atleast one stolen base last night, maybe more, and if you know him like I do, the fact that he wasn't thrown out was pretty huge. He's an awesome player, but a base stealer? Um, not so much. It was a good night all around.

***Lester - The pitcher continued his winning streak last night and with the win, has the highest career winning percentage in MLB history, but that could change next time he's up to the mound. It's still a big freakin' deal if you ask me to even be up there for it and he's had it before, just proof of the kind of pitcher he really is.

***This win put us back at 50/50 for wins/losses and considering the way the season began, we're feeling pretty good about this.

***Need I mention the BEST thing about this game??? It meant we swept the Yankees, which is never an easy feat!
OBVIOUSLY, at this point, we can all agree I'm obsessed.

The problem is that game's like last night's only validate that there's a reason. ;P


  1. I'm not a baseball fan. But I live in Canada where Hockey is big and my city doesn't have a major baseball team. That's not to say there aren't any die core fans of the sport here. There definitely are. But it's not the same as when you have a major team in the city.

  2. Baseball is non-existent in the UK. Here, it's cricket all the way -- and I haven't a hope of understanding the rules!

  3. I love a baseball game where there is lots going on. Otherwise, I occupy myself with eating Cracker Jacks :-) PS Thanks for the follow!

  4. A true fan supports his team!
    And sorry, the only game I watched this weekend was the Bulls and the Heat.

  5. I stayed up for the game (mostly -- I was fighting off the sleepiness in the 8th/9th inning though!).

    I was very, very happy to see the sweep, at Yankee stadium no less.. Now hoping Yanks/Rays just beat each other up and we take a few from the O's. [Only 25% of the way through the season so I'm still feeling good about things]

    I've been debating getting the package through our apple tv, but just not sure if I can justify the $89 package when we have some other *things* coming up that we're trying to pay for;)

  6. Stina and Talli - Well, I admittedly don't know much about either Hockey (even though my town has a team...the Carolina Hurricanes) or Cricket, though both do sound kind of fun! Especially Cricket, I'm totally lost on that one, though I love almost everything English. ;P

    Jewel - You're welcome! I look forward to visiting more...

    Alex/Jeff - Totally agree...I'm definitely NOT a fan of the fair weather fan...

    Kristin K - What *things* could you be talking about???? *wink, wink* I'll try not to convince you that the $89 packages is SO WORTH IT when you're a big baseball fan. What can I say? We have the Direct TV MLB package and honestly get our money's worth...there's always a game on and with me being a Sox fan and Brent being a Braves fan, it provides us with LOTS of summer entertainment!

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  8. I didn't but I heard all about really was a wow kinda time is what I hear, but what would I know, I'm not a baseball fan:( I know, don't hate me