Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow, a night full of awesomeness!!! The Breathless Reads Tour Update!


You know those occasionally unexpected times in your life where everything just snaps into place? You have a great time, you make fun new friends (*waves to Charity*), you enjoy every little thing about it? Every moment isn't something super special or anything extraordinary, but it all works and you find yourself smiling and drinking it all in?

That was Friday night for me.

The. Best. Ever.

I offer you hubs as proof. (Who by the way, after the event, should definitely win Husband of the Year.) I knew I was going to buy a ton of books, because, well, I have bloggy friends that live farther away, right? *waves to bloggy friends* So I basically talked (um, bribed) him into coming with me and helping me lug them through the signing line and keep everything straight. (We both got a night out and he got dinner). He never expected to enjoy it. Never.

But enjoy it he did. We honestly talked about it for days. The interview portion was interesting and all the authors were genuine and hilarious.

But the best part for me? He totally "got" it. Something clicked. He was able to get a glimpse of why I love to write and why I feel this need to do so. And that is beyond cool.

I haven't been to too many signings (just a handful), so I wasn't sure what to expect either, but I have to give it to the authors, they totally captivated me!

For those of you not able to make it, I thought I'd share a few of my personal impressions and favorite things each of them discussed (from memory, not word for word).

Ally Condie:
My impression: Ally seems like one genuine, down to earth, athletic, caring lady. The stories she shared about her boys were sweet and I felt like we could be best friends. (And as a mom, I of course, loved them!)
Favorite Tidbit: She shared with us that when she doesn't feel like writing, she thinks about having to fold and match all those white socks (she has three boys) and she finds her motivation. It just seemed so real, so funny, and so true, that it struck a chord with me.

Andrea Cremer:
My impression: Andrea seems like the type of girl that never met a stranger. Her energy is HUGE and contagious, her smile always THERE, and her whole personlity is bubbly. Not to mention, the girl has the BEST red hair I've ever seen. *jealous*
Favorite Tidbit: She's a historical professor! I think I was so shocked by it that it just stuck out. To still teach AND write as many books as she does, just wow. The girl is a machine. It must be the energy. I hope to be published one day just so I can convince her to hang out with me. LOL. And maybe take me shopping...her outfit was so put together and cute!

Kirsten Miller:
My impression: Ballsy, kick butt (like her characters) girl from New York who has a hilarious self-depracating sense of humor. Her stories were honestly funny and she had the crowd rolling numerous times!
Favorite Tidbit: Which one? She had so many great stories. The one that made me laugh the most was about her thoughts when she encountered a female tax driver in New York, which is rare. (Kirsten said she's lived in NY 20 years and only had 3 female cab drivers if that gives you an idea.) She said the woman had a strange name (the ones listed in the back of the cab) and honestly, I can't remember what it was, but it was something dramatic like Brezalda or something, and Kirsten said her first thoughts were that this lady was a spy, she did something hilarious I can't remember, and raised Chinchillas. (I'm not doing the story justice, but I laughed SO HARD, because honestly, I could see it too. Those of us that write, understand.)

Beth Revis:
My impression: Like Andrea, Beth is very bubbly and her excitement is contagious. It's hard not to smile while listening to her talk and she is one funny girl. I really enjoyed hearing about how different her writing was from the rest of the panel. (And because we're both alike in that we start at the beginning and write in order...)
Favorite Tidbit: She names some characters after her former students (Beth was a teacher before writing) and she's killed quite a few off (intentionally I think). It was hilarious. She totally admits to telling said students she killed them off. That has to be revenge in the sweetest form. On a sidenote, some of her students came out to the signing and they were sooooo awesome. A few were in line in front of me and seeing how excited they were was just really moving.

Brenna Yovanoff:
My impression: Brenna was definitely the most quiet and soft spoken. She seems kind, honest, and like a free spirit, very creative, and listening to her talk, leaves you intrigued.
Favorite Tidbit: This tidbit actually stood out the MOST to me because I found it so interesting. I was so moved by it that I bought her book on this one statement alone. When discussing how all the authors wrote (in order or more spastic, one chapter, scene at a time to fit together later), Brenna responded that she writes line by line, usually out of order, but if she can't find just the right word, she'll leave an open space in a sentence and come back later to finish it. The word has to have just the right number of syllables and work. I was sold. I thought her answer showed how, while the story captivates many of us, the words captivate her. And I just HAD to give it a try.

Ally, Me, Andrea

Beth, Me, Brenna

My loot!

And, no, they aren't ALL for me. I picked up a few for Kristin, a few for Heather, and
one for a lucky booKrushed giveaway winner! (Giveaway to be announced at a later date, but don't worry, I'll keep you posted.)

All in all, good times and GREAT authors. I can't wait to read all of their books! I think I'll appreciate each page more having met them in person. What a fun group of ladies!

What about you? Do anything exciting this weekend?


  1. I love booksignings. And I love how your husband enjoyed it too. What a great group of ladies you met!! I love your descriptions of them.

  2. Wow, you're so lucky. The only book signings I get to go to are at the LA SCBWI conferences.

    I hate folding/matching socks too. It usually takes me two weeks to do them because I'm burned out from putting the clothes away. Then I'm too busy writing.

  3. awww looks like you had a FABULOUS time!!! still so jealous!!! i love seeing that fun personal size to authors. thanks for the pictures and can't wait to get my books!!!! :) thanks so much for snagging them for me!!

  4. That looks like you had so much fun! I'm super Jealous.

  5. What a super awesome night!! I would love to go to this tour. But it was fun to live it through you. Thanks so much for sharing this! And how awesome was it for your husband to finally get it, huh? Great moment!

  6. Yay! Glad you had such a wonderful time. It's also cool that it was a nice experience for you and your sweetie. Love that! Thanks for sharing all the fabulous details and pics.

  7. that's sweet! i'd love to be able to attend something like that!

  8. what an awesome tour! I haven't been to a book signing in a while but this makes me want to check one out soon!

  9. Thank you thank you thank you SO much for snagging those books for me! I saw K-Rae for lunch and now they are home with me! I can't wait to dig into them!

    I'm sure you know we are going to see Rachel Hawkins tomorrow night, and I am so excited! I love book signings, it's my new favorite thing!

  10. Kelly - A new book signing addict was born! Although it honestly will be hard to beat this one!

    Stina - I was just excited so many great authors came to NC!!! We rarely get authors I'm interested in!

    Kristin/Amy - it was awesome!!!

    Carol - I swear the fact that hubs ENJOYED it too made my night! It was such a cool experience for the two of us! (And helps him understand my book obsession ;))

    Jamie - I LOVE reading posts where people share pics, glad I could finally post one of my own!

    Amie - If one comes to your area, definitely go! You'd love it!

    Aisha - Go! You won't regret it and it just always inspires! ;)

    Heather - YAY!!! Is it weird that I was as excited about you getting your books as I was about the tour??? Have fun tonight....take pictures for me! I'm jealous of you two!

  11. It was fun to hear your impression of all the authors. And your enthusiasm is contagious. Now I want to go to a book signing.

  12. Signings are so much fun. I used to go all the time till we moved to the tundra :(. It's awesome your husband gets it ;).

  13. Kristi! I had so much fun meeting you at the signing; thanks for the shout out :) I second the motion for your husband to receive husband of the year.

    I love your descriptions of the authors; I hear their voices in my head. I'm ready for the next book signing. How 'bout you? When's the next one? :)