Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A very special announcement...

Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.
It feels kind of special...

Really, I just wanted to pop by and say

::waves at computer screen::

How are you this week?

I've been thinking about

Hope everything in your part of the world is double rainbows and puppy dog kisses.

And if not, well,
hugs all around.

The thing about going on a hiatus and unplugging is that,
while you may get more done, it
also feels a bit lonely.

It's true, I've missed you guys.

If you have a chance, pop on over to booKrushed today,
I'm posting this Wednesday if you want to stop by and say hi.

For now, off to the Monday grind.

Stay happy.


  1. Hello! Happy Valentine's Day. Unplugging and taking a break is definitely lonelier than being in the blogosphere. Hope you are enjoying your time away.

  2. It's nice to take a break sometimes, but the life of a writer can be lonely. I'm glad there's all the other writers out there in the blog world to talk to!

  3. HI!!! I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!

  4. If you miss us too much you can just drop in ;)