Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbye sweet Borders...

Many of you have probably heard about the 
200 Borders stores that are closing due to the latest bankruptcy filing,
but have you looked at the list?


Every single store that I know of in my area is closing.


Including the one I frequented several times for my critique group meetings.
It's sad.

BUT, on the bright side, because let's be honest, what's life without one?
I went to the INSANE liquidation sale on Sunday and braved
the masses to get a few new books.

Were the deals worth it?  Um, not really.
Only 20% off and we waited in line for over an hour.
But, you know what?

This hassle was for you, Borders. You'll be missed.

Here's my goodies:

Same books, but I'm addicted to my iPhone, so a pretty one in B&W

Now to get through the ones I already have waiting, so I can get to this beauties! ;)

Can you say book ADDICT?

In more somber news: Please keep the people of New Zealand in your thoughts and prayers today.
There are no adequate words for such a disaster.


  1. My local one is closing too. So sad. I'm tempted to go to the liquidation sale but I just bought lots of books at the book breakfast!
    Our nearest one will now be about 25 minutes away, which isn't terrible, but just sad that such a prominent book store is financially in trouble.

  2. oh I held my breath until I saw that none of the Houston ones are closing!! The one by my house pretty much ALWAYS has a line, so I'd hope with a transaction every minute they are doing okay.... I suppose time will tell. But this definitely explains why they stopped mailing me coupons.

  3. Sad indeed. Glad you got something out of the deal anyway. Great pics btw, from what I could tell. Happy reading from one book hoarder to another.

  4. We don't have Borders in my part of Canada - but it's so sad to see book stores closing. I glad you got some awesome books though!