Monday, January 31, 2011

Writerly Revelation #2

Writerly Revelation #2:

You are not ALONE.

We all know writing can be a very isolated activity.
Most of the action and work happens in our own heads, right?
Long hours spent typing away in front of a monitor
or maybe spent scribbling away on a worn out notepad?

It can get lonely if you let it.
You can feel like no one will ever read what you write,
or understand the need for words that you have somewhere deep inside of you.

But then you stumble across something that makes you think.
Something that gives you hope.
Someone who understands.
Maybe it's a Critique group of other writers.
Maybe it's the wonderful word of book blogging.
Maybe it's a friend of family member who is supportive.
Maybe you don't know yet.

Rest assured, us writers, are never truly alone.
Anytime you're down,
or anytime you feel hopeless,
I encourage you to take a look around.

You'll find others here and there, in the most suprising of places,
who would love nothing more than to encourage you and
share their own similar stories.

You never have to feel alone on this literary journey.
Unless you want to, of course. ;)
And then, well, we'll all understand that too.
That's what friends do.


  1. So true (of course Vicki goes and says the same thing as me, but first!)

    I don't know what I would do without all my writer friends, both where I live and on the blogs. :D

  2. So true! Thank goodness for social media or I would feel alone. It's like that Highschool Musical song, "We're all in this together". :)

  3. You are so right, Kristi. Only if we want to be...I have to remember that.

  4. You're only lonely if you don't reach out.