Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Wednesday Book Recommendation

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1)Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, so I'm probably the LAST ONE to finish reading this, but I want to join the masses in saying how much I loved it.

This book was full of awesome!

If I had to pick my favorite thing about it, it would definitely be a tie between Evie's often spot-on-humor and Lend. Because, well, Lend's character was just *sigh*. Yeah. So, so sweet.

The interactions between the characters felt real and well paced, and I ended up falling in love right along with them. I only wish I could've had Lend all to myself.

The world Kiersten creates in this book is also very original, and described so well, that it sucks you right in. Her creatures are fun and seem to have a fresh twist, especially the Faeries, which are downright creepy at times.

All in all, a VERY fun read, and I can't wait for the next book!

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What about YOU?  Have you read it? 


  1. I loved it as well...though I'm still torn between Reth and Lend. Decisions, decisions.

  2. Totally agree. This is one of my favs.
    Great review!

  3. Nope, I've never heard of it... but i'll put it on the list.


  4. I cannot wait to read this book! Thanks for the great review!

  5. I loved this book!! It was just so different. And Evie was so... funny! Can't wait for the sequel.