Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Wednesday Book Recommendation

The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First order of business ~ I.LOVE.THIS.BOOK!

And trust me, that gushing is tamed WAY DOWN. I actually took a few days after reading this before writing my review, just so I wouldn't feel the need to squeal and say incoherent things about how hot I think Prince Ash is and how he stole my heart. See how that worked for me?

Seriously though, this book suprised me in a lot of ways and I needed those few days to ask myself, why this book? Why the mad love? And I think I found the answer.

When I was younger, I read the entire Chronicle of Narnia series. Besides my Nancy Drew books (love them), it was the first taste of fun reading I had and I became an addict. The sense of adventure, the creativity, the MAGIC. This book, for me, brought me back to that feel. It's the first faerie book I've read, so that may have something to do with it as well, but the characters felt real and honest, and the storyline swept me away. It made me forget I was reading and I became submersed (read: obsessed) in this world Kagawa created. I tore through this book at a rapid pace and didn't want to put it down.

Now I find myself in a dilemma. Hubs has banned me from buying new books until I catch up on the drawer full of new ones I have yet to read, but how can I read anything when the second book is in a bookstore waiting for me to pick it up? It's hard. And he KNOWS it's coming, we joke about it frequently. We're both waiting to see when I'll crack!

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Have you read it?  Did you love it as much as I did or was it just a case of the right book at the right time?  We're all so different....I LOVE hearing opinions!


  1. Another book to go on my TBR stack. Man! ;)

  2. Haven't yet... I'm still trying to figure out how much I like the faerie situation... :) But you've definitely inched me closer.... (here's an idea about the second book--go to the library!! ;)

  3. Oh yeah, I loved it as much as you did...Kagawa created a magical world that felt real. Go buy the next one lol!!!!! I think I may have liked it even more than the first =)

  4. I love squeeing reviews :) It makes me more interested in reading a book than a calm and collected review. Also, I just had to comment on this, I loved Nancy Drew growing up! I own all the books, and yes, I still love them :)

  5. Your review is great. I love it when I can't stay away from a book and when I'm done want to share it with everyone I know. I was also a Narnia and Nancy fan.

  6. Thx for the review... i have not read it, but I'll put it on my list.