Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The holidays!

Where, oh where, did all the time go blogosphere???

If you're like me, it passed by in a flash, leaving you whip lashed, but smiling.

Work is still insane, but finally starting to settle a bit, so I just may get back into the swing of things soon.

::crosses fingers and makes wish::

A few of my favorite things/moments about Christmas 2010:
*The snow!  It's the first white Christmas I can ever remember having.
*Along with the snow, came snowman making with my little guy...a definite favorite of the holiday weekend.
*Having my entire family (all 9 of us) attend the Christmas Eve service at my church
*Catching up with old friends and their kids at my mother's Christmas Eve party
*Starting our own family traditions with the tot

*Staying in my fuzzy pants/PJ's for two days straight!
*Playing with all the kiddos toys!  (he got some seriously cool stuff)

What about you?  Any big moments this holiday that stood out? 

AND am I the only one getting random Japanese spam comments???


  1. I'm at my in-law's house in Georgia right now, and they had their first white Christmas in, like, 150 years. It was so neat to be here for it. :)

  2. I think I need to take a snowman making class because none of the snowmen I've ever tried to make EVER turn out like that. In fact, I think I need to document my pitiful "abilities" in a blog post.

  3. I get the spam too. Luckily it goes straight to junk mail.
    I'm so glad you got to enjoy some wonderful Christmas family activities, especially since you've been working so hard!
    Love the snowman!

  4. We've only ever had one Christmas without snow - it was awful!! So glad we always have it :) Sounds like you had a terrific Christmas!

  5. I'm kind of jealous. I really wanted snow! But isn't it fun to have a white Christmas? I hope you enjoy it! :)

  6. Kristi, I'm glad to hear that your holiday was a very good one. We didn't get snow, but living in the California Central Valley will do that for you! We just received buckets of rain. Lol!
    Christmas was great for my family, as always. It was particularly great three days before, when my publisher announced that my e-book was finally released as a paperback as well.
    Thanks for posting the lovely photos.


  7. Nice snowman! I haven't gotten any spam comments yet.

  8. A white Christmas is always cool. And those spam comments go straight to my spam folder - rare one slips by anymore.

  9. Glad you had such a nice break. I'm still in the mindset of lounging in pajamas. When I don't have to get kids to school...

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, I'm so glad to hear that. I love watching my little guy enjoy it. It has brought new life to the holidays for me.

  11. I'm glad you got to enjoy Christmas with your son. Snow, and the DIY projects it spawned, coloured my Christmas and got write in the way of my writing.

  12. Sounds like my kind of holiday weekend! And you're right about this year... where the heck did it go?

    Happy Thursday Darling! xo

    Oh, and I'm having a perfume giveaway if you're interested!

  13. I heard that those symbol "comments" might be nasty stuff. Delete quickly. I've had some great playful moments with my sons. I've made the most out of storm days and spoiled plans. I started reading "The Help" which I already like. Peace to you in the New Year!

  14. Karen - Glad you could enjoy it with me!

    Vicki - I'll let you in on a little secret...my stepdad is a Minnesotan! He did most of the work while we watched in awe and messed things up!

    Kelly - Thanks! And the spam goes straight to my junk mail, but it's still annoying! It's getting to be a 3X a week event!

    Jemi - I'm SO jealous! BUT wow, that one without snow must've been awful when you're used to it...it's so gorgeous!

    Kim - It was seriously awesome! I loved every minute!

    James - Congratulations! That's amazing, I'll have to pop by and make sure I check it out!

    Chris - Just wait, they're coming. ;-)

    Alex - It really was pretty awesome!

    Jolene - TOTALLY jealous of your full time PJ's...back in mine over the new year's holiday and loving it!

    Eva - Totally know what you mean! Something about celebrating with your kids is spectacular! Miss you girl!

    Elaine - Isn't that the way it always goes? I'm intrigued by the DIY projects! ;-)

    Jen - Of course I'm interested...but knowing me I've missed it! I'll pop by and check it out!

    Mary - Your boys were precious! I have "The Help" in my nightstand waiting in line right now!