Saturday, December 18, 2010


Okay, okay, I know, right?

Honestly - whether busy season or divine intervention, last night the number popped into my head and I CAN'T get it out of my mind!!!  I've been thinking about it for 24 hours straight.

What's it mean?  I certainly don't know.  Possibly my overworked accountant brain on steroids?  MAYBE.

Who knows.  The number came to me in a random moment of consciousness.  I didn't ask for it, it just appeared,begging to be heard.  It didn't explain itself, tell me why it was here, what it was doing, what was going on, it just proclaimed itself.

Well, OK. Number 14,157 You have arrived. What do you want to do now? Huh? Have you thought of that?

Meanwhile, I think about LOST episodes and what the numbers "meant" to the survivors.  What does this mean?  Something?  Nothing??

I don't know  BUT that's not the point.  Maybe the point is that I DON'T know.

Maybe I'm overworked.  Quite possible. 

Those of  you that have not been informed, here's a typical day in the life of Kristi in the last few weeks:
*Get up at 5:30 AM - Hope that you showered the night before (you have decided every OTHER night will suffice for bathing)
*Get ready for work - clean face, put on respecatable clothes, makeup, shoes, and get in car
*Get some kind of coffee (whether from work or home-  doesn't matter, only the fact that you have consumed caffeine of some sort)
*Work for 11-12 hours straight
*Come home literally at dark (like when you left) and call husband to let him know you're on your way
*Arrive home at around 7pm (toddler has already eaten and hugs you like he hasn't seen you in weeks, breaking your heart instantly, but making you love your spouse more than ever at the same time for being there when you can't)
*eat dinnner (even thought toddler has already eaten), watch Christmas movies like you're interested, snuggle appropriately
*Go to bed around 10pm (with toddler still awake but fading fast)
*Read book until you start to doze off with toddler in bed next to you (not because he won't sleep in his own bed but because you miss him while you're at work...and my favorite book by far is Crescendco!!!)
*Fall asleep, get up at 5:30 AM and repeat

HONESTLY, my last couple of weeks in a nutshell and why I've been blog MIA for awhile.

But, why tonight?  Why the numbers???? 

Well, #1 - I had a work Christmas party tonight and am a bit blitzed (true story) and #2- I've been meaning to do this for weeks and haven't had the time.

SO, the big question in my mind is how does an ETERNAL OPTIMIST deal with soooooo much stress???  And it is BIG stress.  And I think, during the holidays, we can all relate.  Whether or not we are working 60+ hour weeks, we all have our normal jobs, plus buying and wrapping giftts, plus holiday parties, plus obligations, plus all the added stress that buying the PERFECT gift brings.  (A type personalities I'm talking to YOU!!!)

Here are my answers:
1 - What other options do I have?  (Honestly, what's the point in being angry or upset????  What good does it do?)

2 - Um, I work with AWESOME PEOPLE.  And I don't just say that...I totally do.  I could write a book on their awesomeness, but I'm an accountant, and let's be honest....dude, that TOTES wouldn't sell.

3 - MARY CHRISTMAS - Okay, so, I kind of stole this from my church's lecture series this month, but I think not only does it make me giggle with it's cleverness, but it's truth.  Whether or not you are religious, this holiday is all about LOVE and GIVING of yourself to others, and if that doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, I don't know what does.

4 - Apparently the number 14,157, which I have no idea what it means, but one day I will!

5 - Ok, so I have a precious toddler at home that I use to de-stress, but honestly, life is good!  It's a blessing!  And so are you!  Look around at what you have....find something to be thankful for, and focus on that!  That's yours and it's SPECIAL.  Appreciate life.

6 - Nothing HAS to be perfect.  Give it up.  Perfect is just an idea of how you think things SHOULD be.  A type personalities (such as mine) get hung up on this.  Christmas is this great holiday that is filled with traditions and perfect things that we need to reciprocate in order to be filled with the awesome.  SO NOT TRUE.  You know what?  Know one who matters really cares what you buy them...they care about the fact that you thought of them and got them something.  Quit stressing about the perfect gift and think about the person!  Something thoughtful and handmade will often trump something expensive!!!  It really is the thought that counts!!!

7 - Don't take advice from a drunk blogger!  Maybe the best advice EVER!!! 

ME?  Tomorrrow AM I will be at work, coffee in hand, working without pause, wondering what in the world I was thinking the night, drinking all those drinks and laughing out loud?  BUT you know what I was thinking???  That I love people and that they are each special and that I'm happy they are in my life. I'm proud of them all and that I'm part of a blanket of life that is weaved patch my patch into something greater.  I'm part of the fabric...and happy to be a piece, if even for a night.

I've missed you blogosphere!!!


  1. Will you get a brief break at the end of the year or does it go straight through Tax Day?

    Eventually the pain will end and you'll get your life back!

  2. Oh, Kristi! You are crazy busy!
    I hope you can enjoy the holidays and get a short reprieve from work!
    And hopefully that number will be the amount of $ in your Christmas bonus!

  3. clearly, the numbers mean you're crazy!!! ;)

    really, play combos of them in the lottery. you never know!!

  4. Did the numbers come to you like this: fourteen thousand one hundred fifty seven?

    Or just together like 14157… the random sequence of these numbers, could represent hundreds of possibilities, and since I am a writer (and you are too) I would start brain storming how to relate these numbers to a story I could write.
    It could be a sign of a great story, if you unlock the code in the numbers as they relate to your creative side.

    Best of luck, I hope you get a good break soon, both in your work, and how, and what, these numbers mean.

  5. The guy who played Hurley on Lost was on How I Met Your Mother, and he kept referencing to LOST and the numbers. It was hilarious. I loved LOST by the way- a show hasn't had that much impact on me since Buffy.

    Anyway- hope you can get through your stress soon! It's no fun!

  6. The beginning of this post had me flashing on the movie The Number 23 with Jim Carrey.

    Hopefully, you'll get some relief from the stress soon. *fingers crossed*

  7. I was obsessed with a similar set of numbers once....but mine were 14,028. :)

    The fact that you are able to stay so upbeat despite the craziness of your life right now...speaks volumes about who you are. I am so glad that I know you and can call you friend!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)