Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Musical Tuesday!

A little something different this Tuesday!

Believe it or not, hubs and I actually got out of the house and had an official date this past Friday!  For those of you with toddlers at home, or any kids for that matter, you probably understand what a big deal this was for us.  Or maybe you're better about finding time than we are.  ;-)

AND since we went to a concert, I thought the awesomeness was fitting for my usual Tuesday musical/inspirational mix.  Plus, I love when bloggers post photo tours, so I figued it was my turn!

Am I rambling?  I think I am.  Moving on.

This night was actually a surprise I'd planned for hubs three months before and I didn't tell him who we were going to see or even where we were going before hand.  Or that we had 7th row seats!

More fun that way I think.

Here we are leaving the kiddo at Grandma's...

I know I've posted about these guys before, but seriously, they put on an amazing show.
True performers I tell you.
Sons of Sylvia!

Do I hear crickets????  Not heard of them?
Time to check them out, you won't be disappointed.
Go, Run, I'll wait.

The performance was great, but unfortunately a little short.  I could've listened to them all night, but they were the opening act for Billy something and Carrie Underwood.

Not to fear though, we got to meet them afterwards and get an autograph (and a hug!).

I seriously felt like a giddy teenager.  It was awesome.

They're one of the few bands that hubs and I can agree on.  We're both very passionate about these guys and spreading the word.

Carrie Underwood also put on an amazing show.  We kind of went into it thinking we'd stay for just a few songs and leave (sorry Carrie fans, I love her as a person, but just not my taste in music), but we ended up staying for the entire performance and encore.  She seems like such a down to earth girl and is totally tiny and gorgeous.  Her outfits were to die for and I left wanting to wear something sparkly.  Her voice is amazing and she is a daredevil! 
Check this out.
Um, yeah.  That's her in the back of the truck SINGING while it flies around the stadium. 
It was insane.

The boys ended up coming out again during her performance for a duet...

Good times I tell you, VERY GOOD TIMES.

I can't wait to see the boys headline their own show.

I've been singing their songs non-stop for three days now.

So, what-do-ya think?  Do you like the sound?
Not your thing?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Until next time...



  1. Fantastic! So glad to hear you had a great time. :)

  2. I'd never heard of them before. I really like them! They're different, and that's a good thing :) So glad you guys had fun!

    Oh, and the butter tea? Ick. Period.


  3. LOVE the sound! I'd totally pick them over billy whatever and carrie...

  4. They sound good! I'll have to check them out. isn't it fun meeting musicians??? LOVE that you got to talk to them.

    I saw Carrie a few years ago and was blown away. she's INCREDIBLE live. (and gorgeous... i think hubs was smitten! ;)

  5. sounds like a good time... thx for sharing.

  6. Date nights are aweome!! So glad you had fun. I like pretty much any music when it's performed live. Concerts are so much fun. I can't believe that truck picture - how cool is that!

  7. oh dear, must be getting old.. never heard of 'em

  8. How fun! And I'm so amazed you could keep a secret that long. I know I couldn't. :-)

  9. So glad you enjoyed Sons of Sylvia, Kristi! I've been a huge fan of Sons of Sylvia's for the past three years now... since I first saw them on The Next Great American Band when they were The Clark Brothers...
    I was so taken with them back then, that along with a friend.. we started a fan site for them on Myspace which eventually grew and carried over to facebook and twitter.. Like us, friend us & follow us at Sons of Sylvia Fans!
    You're right, Kristi.. Sons of Sylvia are AMAZING and we can't wait til the rest of the world finds that out too!
    I've seen them four times already this year and will again in a few weeks! I can't get enough of their extreme talent (and hugs) and wish I could go to every show!
    I look forward to when they headline their own tour as well as 30 minutes of this awesome band is nowhere near long enough!
    Check out the second release from their REVELATION CD: "I'll Know You", along with the brand new video for it, on their official site at http://www.sonsofsylvia.com/media/

  10. That's fun you got to have a fun night out with your hubby! And meet a fave band! They look like sons...so young!! :)
    And Carrie flying in the car must have been awesome!!

  11. Kristie!

    I'm so happy you found Sons of Sylvia! Amazing, aren't they? I found them in 2007 when, then known as The Clark Brothers, they won Next Great American Band. Their music has evolved since then but is still great! They are super talented musicians and truly sweet guys. Arent SOS hugs the best? :)

    For more info about them go to sonsofsylvia.com

  12. A real live date?! I'm impressed... and to a concert nonetheless. We're lucky to find time to go to the McD's drive-thru.

  13. What a good time! I *think* I have a date with mine tonight though I doubt we're doing anything nearly as exciting as you did!

  14. Hi..just saw your blog about Sons of Sylvia. I LOVE this group. Amazingly talented. Their cd is the best I've bought in a very long time. I hope they can get some more exposure - I think they could be huge.
    Have you seen their newest video - for their 2nd single? Check it out.