Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

I'm baaaa-aaackkkk!

How is everyone???

I figured it was only fitting to return from my unplug with a Teaser Tuesday, right?

I was able to get alot of revising and reworking done last week and it seems I'm on a roll!  Of course, I feel this WIP editing should really be called "The Overhaul", because that seems much more accurate.  Everything is changing for the better and so far, I'm really happy with my progress.

But enough of me droning on, let me jump into it.

We've been having some wet, rainy weather here in NC the last few weeks, so I thought I'd share a similar scene from my current WIP, Sybil, from Chapter 7--Coming to Terms.

***Excerpt removed for editing***

All thoughts and comments are welcome!
So, did I miss anything exciting last week?
How's your writing or reading coming along?


  1. I didn't just miss you last week, I've been missing you for months! Sorry I just disappeared. No excuse--just life.

    Really like the new WIP. Is it a follow-up to the first book? Placed with same publisher?

    Hope all is well! Thanks for the tease.


  2. Ugh -- your teaser made me cold! It's completely appropriate since the rain is pouring here...in Idaho...where it never rains. Perfect timing!

  3. It may sound funny but I really liked that the car was a lime green convertable. I told me so much about Van.

  4. I'm like Amy...your teaser made me cold! I'm also when we'll be reading more *hint hint* :)

  5. Well I LOVE IT! Of course. Now I'm off to read more. YAY! You're not a tease for me. :D

    (Did that even make sense? All the cold meds are taking their toll.)

  6. Love the image of a lime green convertible!

    I have missed you too--it seems like it's been awhile. :o)

    Have a wonderful night! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Michele! Isn't it funny how that happens, we get busy? Been missing you! As for the WIP, I'm hoping to go the agent route on this one, but we'll see.

    Amy - I totally "sensed" it. ;-)

    Jennifer - missed you!

    Holly - didn't it? Van's a tricky one, you never know quite what to make of him...he likes to keep people guessing! Part of his charm!

    DL - YOU totally asked for it! LOL. I'll email you.

    Kim - You crack me up, what would I do without you?

    Jackee - Thank you...missed you guys! Good to be back!