Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I *heart* Fall!

Okay, okay, I know fall isn't here quite yet, but I'm so excited that it's around the corner, I can barely contain myself.

Fun fact:  The first day of fall this year is September 22, 2010 for the United States, Canada, and most of Europe.  Or so says my quick google search.  *grin*

In celebration of my most favorite upcoming season, I present to you:

Kristi's Top 10 reasons Fall is full of Awesome:

1 - Cooler Weather (obviously).  I don't know about you, but I'm done *glistening* for another year.  Bring on the cool breeze and nice walks in the park.

2 - The changing of the leaves.  A trip to the mountains is a must each and every year to view the leaves in all their splendor.  I relax just imagining it. 

3 - Festivals full of hay, parades and lots and lots of fun!  See below example of last year's pure joy...

4 - Halloween!  Dressing up + candy makes us all feel young again. 

5 - Pumpkins.  Have I mentioned my pumpkin addiction yet?  Pumpkin spice latte', pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin candy...honestly, you can't go wrong.  However, fall reminds me of these two not-so-healthy Halloween favorites of mine:

6 -  Football!  I don't love it as much as baseball, but hey, that's a given.  Going to a game, bundling up with a cup of hot chocolate, and watching from the bleachers is pretty nice too.  And I'll check out Favre ANYDAY.  Like maybe tonight.  Big Game.

7 - Crockpot recipes!!!!  Everything in the crock pot tastes better in the fall and winter.  I'm looking forward to Pot Roast, Beef Stroganoff, Split Pea Soup, Vegetable Soup, Chicken-n-dumplings, BBQ'm kind of hungry just thinking about it.

8 - Jeans!  I'm ready to bring back the jeans and long sleeve tees!

9 - Thanksgiving!  Something about getting family together to celebrate just can't be replaced.  I like that everyone gets together to eat and the main focus is spending time with one seems to be the one time a year it's okay to overeat and do nothing.  And one of the few that I force myself to sit still.

10 - The return of television!  All of the good shows are coming back and my DVR is ready!

What about you????  Do you love fall???  Are you with me????

*take care*



  1. Fall's okay, but I'm not ready to give up summer, yet.

    And I'm certainly not ready for new shows. I'm still watching last year's from my DVR! Writing keeps me from watching, not that I'm complaining!

  2. I have to say I love all of those things. Except football. I could do without football, but I guess I can make that exception since fall is pretty much the best season EVER!! I'm so ready. I've been ready since... July. Pretty much after July 4th I'm done with summer and ready for fall.

    Bring on the haunted houses! I can't wait to visit some of those. They're so much fun!! Especially when you go with great friends. And, of course, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday! I can't wait!! :)

  3. I'm with you...and I lOVE fall too! I can't wait to have a steaming bowl of chili...cuddle with my honey under the blanket...have my breath taken away by a stiff breeze...and camping out with my little guy!! Squee!!!

  4. I agree with everything except number 1 :) I LOVE the summer...

    Another favorite fall thing of mine? BOOTS baby!!!

  5. I love summer and I like fall and spring. I tolerate the winter.
    I love the fall colors, smell of burning leaves and Halloween in the fall!

  6. I used to love fall because my birthday is in september, now I don't like it for the same reason.

  7. I live for FALL... I love everything about it.

  8. Hi Kristi, Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest. :)

    I'm always real pleased to meet another writerly blogger.

    Fall is my favorite season - mostly because of the beauty. I love the smells of fall too.

    Have a good weekend!

  9. Fall's my favorite. I really enjoy decorating for Halloween. And I love the the sweet, crisp smell of leaves, and of wood smoke wafting from the chimney's in the neighborhood. Cozy fires are wonderful.

  10. Living in Miami we don't have the luxury to see the seasons change :(

  11. What a fun post! I love it! I work for La Cense Beef and our beef is 100% grass fed which is a healthier option when eating beef. When you bust out that crock pot to make a delicious Pot Roast amongst all your other dishes try eating grass fed beef. The La Cense ranch is located in Montana where they ranch, sell and package their meats to sell directly to consumers.

  12. I adore fall. It's my favorite season. I love soup (like I live on it) and it just is at it's most perfect in the fall. I actually know and enjoy (to a certain extent) football. And my body always wants to nap in the fall, and I don't feel guilty about it. Of course, naps aren't the best for a college student who really should be doing homework, but it's too hard to resist sometimes. Enjoy your fall too Kristi.