Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever feel like this?

Pretty funny, right?

Unless you happen to be the dog with the glow stick bracelets on your head like a tiara, listening to the crazy toddler tell you, "DON'T MOVE!"

In that case, I'm pretty sure you just feel like a fool.  (Van Gogh's face here is priceless, is it not?  It screams PLEASE HELP ME!)

AND I kind of feel like this, this week, so I can relate.

During my editing/revising fiesta I realized (with the help of others) that I need to rework a few chapters of my manuscript during the process.  And by rework--I mean destroy, rethink and rewrite.

BUT you know what?

I'm embracing my glow stick halo of shame and doing it happily.  Because deep down I know it needs to be done and now I can't sleep until it's better.  I stayed up way too late last night recreating scenes and brainstorming, scribbling away on a notepad like a mad woman.  

AND you know what?

When I gave up and called it a night, I slept like a baby.  It was therapeutic in a way.

So, here's to wearing that glowstick of shame proudly this week!

How about you?  How's your WIP or life treating you this week?



  1. I'm going over old stuff to see if there's anything there. Jury's still out.
    LOVE your dog.

  2. Glowstick of shame. LOVE it!

    My WIP has been neglected because of that whole sharing-my-computer thing. I've got it back now, and as soon as I finish Shiver I'm diving right back in!

  3. Life has decided to crown me with a glow stick and light it on fire. Two words: bike stolen. And I'm a college student at one of the biggest campuses in the U.S.
    Writing is going better. I'm really stress so I want to write to de-stress. I guess as long as it is effective.

  4. My WIP is locked inside my broken computer. It's not lost (mother board went out, hard drive is OK), so I'm being patient. Well, I'm trying to be patient. I really want to write - I need to change some stuff, but I was too stupid to remember to e-mail the stupid thing to myself the day before. It will NEVER happen again.

  5. Haha! I think we've all worn that glow stick halo of shame a time or two. Just a part of being a writer perhaps. but your fur baby is adorable!

  6. I need to buy some glowsticks for my late-night wip revisions. ;)

  7. My WIP is sitting idle; time hasn't been my friend lately.


  8. That puppy is so dang cute! Cute!!!

    Ahem, anyway, I think we all feel like this sometimes. It's normal. You'll get through it and then your WIP will be super shiney and pretty and ready to go. I know it for a fact. :)

  9. Jolene ~ Thanks! And I know that feeling of going over old stuff...good luck, hope you find some treasure!

    Vicki ~ Yay for having the computer more sharing?

    Elizabeth ~ Oh no! What a horrible week! That's awful...

    Stacy ~ Just emailed mine to myself. Good reminder...the hard way...hope you get it ALL back! And soon.

    Carol ~ Hey girl! That glow stick of shame gets around, huh? And thanks...he's quite snuggly!

    MT ~ I think glowsticks are a must. LOL.

    Jeff ~ I totally feel you...finding time has been hard with the holidays quickly approaching! So much to do!

    Kim ~ I totally couldn't do it without you! Seriously!

  10. OMG that is the cutest dog picture! Very expressive pup you've got there. Go you for accepting the rewrite. I just finished rewriting my first novel. Best decision I could have made! The only bad part is I still don't really know how to revise. I can write and I can rewrite, but that whole revision thing gets to me. Hopefully I figure it out someday...