Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She's alive for realz.....and the joy of autographed books!

I'm alive, I swear.  I am. 

But apparently my home internet is not.  It seems every.single.time it rains or there's a serious thunderstorm, our high speed DSL goes out.  Not just a little either.  Like need to have a tech come to your house to fix something under the ground type of fix.  Fun stuff.  And they always think it's our modem.  Seriously.  So now we're in the process of making sure it's NOT our modem so they will come out.  I know nothing about this kind of thing so some handy family members are coming over tonight to assess the situation.  I love technology.  Actually, I really do.  Just when it's reliable.

AND all of this happened while I was on a business trip to New Orleans.  It was my very first time and even though most of my time was spent in conference rooms, I was able to get out and about to experience important things such as Bourbon Street and Cafe Du Monde.  I plan on posting some fun pics on Friday's post. 

BUT you know what makes all of this better????  The package that was waiting for me when I arrived home from my trip.  Seriously, what's better than having an autographed book?  Okay, you got me, a FREE autographed book plus surprise bookmarks.  Yeppers, made my day. 

Check it out...

And because I LOVE playing with my new Iphone app for pictures...

Avatar setting in pretty blue...

Sketch setting, pretty cool, right?

Black and White...always classic


Why is it the best???  It's X-ray of course and with a name and book about death, how can it not be appropriate?

I can't wait to read this one!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying what is left of summer!  I'm ready for fall! 

*take care*


  1. What a delicious looking read!!! Okay so I'm nerdy and had no idea that you could do such awesome things with your phone... but guess whose going to be taking random pictures at home this evening?? ME!!!

    I love the Avatar blue, the sketch and the x-ray, and the... well crap I guess I love them all!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. We have similar problems with our electricity. Everytime it rains, the lights go out....well at least during this year. Never really had a problem with it in the past. It can be so frustrating at times.

    I love getting extra goodies with my books. Doesn't happen often though. Happy reading!

  3. Boo to the internet :( It needs to start being nice to you! Nice pics. Lol. I love messing around like that.

  4. We have DSL and we rarely experience a problem. Now I did have a router go out a while back...and that was a pain!

    Welcome back...and enjoy your read!!


  5. Your iPhone did all that?!?!?!?! Amazing!!

    Glad you're back!

  6. A drive-by comment to let you know about your award: http://southern21.blogspot.com/2010/08/getting-back-on-track.html