Friday, August 13, 2010

NOLA trip!

Well our internet is still down and we do indeed think it's the same problem as last time.  Calling today to get a tech out so until then I'll borrow internet connections here and there while I can. 

I'm also on vacay next week so I plan on being unplugged and getting some things done around the house in a leisurely manner!  Perhaps some kitchen painting???  I know, I know.  I party like a rock star.  In my defense, we may squeeze in a trip to the beach and maybe a day or two in the mountains but we'll see how we feel.  Sometimes a week of being home and doing what I want is EVEN better than a vacation.  Sometimes.

But on to my blog photo tour of New Orleans!  As I mentioned before, this was my first time there and while it was for work and most of my time was spent in the hotel and in conference rooms, we did venture out a bit!  All photos were taken with my Iphone, so admittedly not the best quality but I really wasn't up to carting around my real camera.

So here we go....

My hotel!

The Carousel bar in the bottom of my hotel!
(Had a video but couldn't get it posted!  The seat actually move around the bar...very cool.)

the awesome-amazing-delicious restaurant we tried the first night

Can't remember where I took this one...

blurry photo of Bourbon Street...on a Wednesday night

More interesting sights on Boubon Street...

Can't go without visiting this famous place...



Dueling piano bar on Bourbon Street Thursday night

Not a great photo but there was amazing music EVERYWHERE and crowds gathered...

All in all a great time and an interesting place but I think once is enough!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!

*take care and see you in a week*


  1. I used to live in New Orleans (Gretna actually, across the river) and Baton Rouge from 1975 to 1982. I've been to Mardi Gras twice and the French Quarter more times than I can count. Your pictures bring back a lot of old memories!! :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the photos. My cousin went to med school there. Fun place. Good luck with your painting. It's always more of a pain that I think it'll be.

  3. Thx for sharing, it kind of takes us all long for the ride.

  4. Looks like good times and good food!

  5. I totally want to go to New Orleans! I've never been, but I plan to go someday. Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

  6. I had a great time in New Orleans when I visited back in...2003 I think.

    I know you're unplugged, but just got back from Boston and was totally thinking about you when I was at Fenway on Wednesday night. I wore a Pedroia t-shirt. :)

  7. Internet update - came on for a day and is back down...for my whole vacay week! I considered it a "sign" that I needed to truly remain unplugged but now I'm going crazy!

    DL ~ I had no idea! How cool!

    Jolene ~ Kitchen painting is done! It really was quite a pain.

    Jeff ~ I LOVE when people post pictures of their trips...I feel the same way!

    Kristin ~ The food was TERRIFIC!

    Dawn ~ You should go! I'm sure there was even more stuff we didn't have time to do...lots of history for sure.

    Jennifer ~ I am SO JEALOUS! And proud!!!! You have made my day. *sigh* Pedroia and Fenway.