Thursday, August 26, 2010

escape from hermitage!

Sounds like a great book, doesn't it?  No?  Boring?  Hmmm...

Well, it would appear that my escape from hermitage is complete and I'm back in the wonderful blogosphere!  I have to say, I've seriously missed my bloggy buddies the last few weeks and am in serious surfing withdrawal.

With our internet back up and running, things this week have returned to normal.  And it really got me thinking a bit.  I mean, there are quite a few of us writer's out there, right?  And we spend soooo much time alone in our own heads:  thinking, brainstorming,  and writing, that, well, it seems all too easy to slip back into the life of a hermit from time to time. 

Actually, part of me thinks enjoying the hermit life is a must for a writer.  It's not really a group sport, well, critiquing kind of is, but the initial act is totally solo for the most part.  But I also believe it's just as important to get out and live life and be careful to share it with others and not spend too much time alone.  So, it's a dilemma, right?  Okay, not really a dilemma, more of a nice balancing act we all perform everyday.  We walk the tight rope between being a hermit & finding time to ourselves and living life with our friends & family. 

During my recent internet outage a funny thing happened.  At first, it popped back for maybe a few hours and we thought everything was fixed.  I was thrilled to log on, email my friends, and catch up with things that were too hard to do from my phone.  BUT moments later it rained again, and it was down. 

So for the better part of a week and a few days our home was without internet access as we tried to figure out the problem.  (Still not sure it won't go down again in the next storm.  Apparently our box is located across the street and it floods when we get a bunch of rain.  Our builder is supposed to fix it but I have a feeling we are a low priority.)

Sorry - you know how I like to ramble - just go with it - there's no use fighting it - ask the hubs.  SO it officially came back on this past Tuesday.  And I had to question myself today...why the long wait to post???  Exactly.  Like all routines it was much too easy to fall in and out of.  Did I miss everyone and their fantabulous comments?  Most definitely!!!  But was I in a rush to get back and type something up?  Strangely, no.

Because I'd had a taste of hermitage and I kind of liked it.  I got some writing done during my vacay and found time to exercise and catch up on some great books.  The tot and I got back into our habit of reading books before bed, which I never realized I'd totally been missing with useless television programs.  (I know, I know...the television and I have a very serious love/hate relationship.  Admittedly it's ALL my fault...I'm quite bipolar on how I feel about watching it and my opinion changes regularly.)

SO, much like riding a bicycle, I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Wow.  That was a strange playground scene inducing sentence there.  Special.  See what happens when I take a break?  LOL.

But what about you???  Please tell me there are others out there that struggle off and on with the wonderful land of hermitville!!!  I refuse to believe I am alone!!  Although if I find myself there, we all know I may possibly be content, for like, a week.  And then I need mad love. 




  1. Hi, Kristi. So sorry to hear of your internet issues. I lost my pc for a week when I got hit with a virus. I bought a laptop, so now I no longer have to fight with the wife and kids for access. ;)
    I'm afraid I have been far too busy for hermitville. Three blogs, an on-line magazine and my day-job won't allow it.
    I'm glad you're back. Take care.

  2. I used to dream about being alone as a kid. To the point where I thought jail wouldn't be so bad. All that time alone. I could write, I could read. No interruptions. Ahhhhh.

    Luckily, I grew out of that delusion. But I still enjoy being alone and being a mom just makes alone time that much more precious. Love my kids, but I enjoy them more after a break!

  3. NO! I'm definitely that way. As much as I love my blogging and real life friends, I have a hard time coming back after becoming a hermit for awhile. It's a lot like having a job you love, but getting a vacation for a week. Coming back is hard!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kristi!

  4. Here....take this...

    ((((BLOG LOVE))))

    And don't use it all at once, it'll make you sick!

    I know what you mean about hermitage. Blogging is definitely a double edged sword. It's so hard to stay on top of things and be relevant, but you gotta love the camaraderie and sense of belonging. In any case, its great to have you back!! Missed you!

  5. My hansband had to work all these strange hours when we were first married, but that was okay with me because I had more time alone to write.

  6. I'm lost without the internet... glad to hear from you. I have to comment on hermitville, but when I do you'll be the first one to hear about it.

  7. I am the same way as well. I do my best work in the wee hours of the morning where it is quiet, everyone is sleeping, and nobody can bother me. I'm talking 12am-4am. As close to "hermit" I can get as a college student, lol.