Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration...

Is it just me or has the summer time distraction hit everyone on the blogs?  Am I just trying to make myself feel better by assuming there are others out there as distracted as I am?  Or is it really true?

As for me, I blame it all on the heat.  I believe it's frying my will to live each and every time I step outside.  And I love the outdoors so it's a shame.  But after my walk at the park on Saturday, I'm thinking it's time to hibernate for a while until it cools down.  I really don't like sweating that much without the effort, you know?  Excuse me, I meant, glistening.  That's what I do...glisten.  But glistening just because I walk from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned restaurant is unacceptable.  Yuck.  Crossing my fingers for a cold front to come through...high 80's at this point would be glorious. 

Anyhoo...thought I'd share one of my musical obsessions this Tuesday.  Not just a random song by an artist I love, but one of those artists that I love every single thing they put out.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  You listen to the albums on repeat over and over and over and over and over.  And still love them.

I seriously *heart* this man.  Not like total stalker/go to his shows/throw umentionables/heart him, but just wow/I love his voice/he calms me/type of heart him.  And his voice takes a bit of getting used to, it really does. 

Some of you may really dislike him.   And I will do my absolute best not to hold that against you, but I make no promises.  I'm not even sure what it is that calls to me in his music, definitely his voice, because it's so different and beautiful and moving all by itself.  But he also has amazing lyrics and just this, I don't know, vibe about him.  This mellow moving subtle vibe.  I dig it.  Do you dig it?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I know it's hot, but I just keep thinking "It's better than snow" and that gets me through with a SMILE! hahaha.

    Is this the guy who did the 'You're Beautiful' song? That one drove me crazy in a bad way (I'm weird like that) so I never listened to anything else. His voice isn't bad, I might need to put him on probation. LOL

  2. I'm totally ready for some COLD weather! Now that summer baseball is over...bring on FALL!!

  3. I'm a fan of him.

    And yes, summer is a distraction. I had all these plans of tons of things to get done. And not so much.

    Ready for the fall as well.

  4. Love his music - thanks for sharing.

  5. Amen to the heat frying the brain of all who are having to deal with it. Amen to the slow blogging of most of us. And it's ok to relax and kick back, especially in the summer!

  6. I was just sweating...IN the pool. Heat index has been over 125 degrees for days. And the dog days of August aren't even here yet!

    Love love James Blunt!

  7. Monsoons have cooled things down here in the afternoon and that's preserved some of my sanity. But YES, I'm totally distracted. I had one last great push to get a WIP finished and now nothing can hold my interest for long. As DL says, bring on Fall!

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  9. It's far too hot for me too!

    I like almost all music - just depends on the mood.

  10. It has hit me hard, and not just with my blog, but with all my writing.

    I wish you all the best.

  11. I love James Blunt. Such great songs. Is it Friday yet?? LOL :)


    I wish I glistened... I drip.

  13. Yep, summertime distractions, plus I dig it! I am so ready for fall, but I don't even know why.

  14. Glisten.. Haha that is so much better than sweating. I love it. And I'm a fan of James Blunt. My favorite song of his is Goodbye my Lover.

  15. I love the heat, as long as there is A/C to escape to when needed!!!
    Stay cool, Kristi, stay cool!

  16. Vicki - It is that guy and believe it or not, I TOTALLY know what you mean. I was the exact same way with that song, but then my sister convinced me to give the album a try and I became obsessed. So maybe probation's a good idea. ;-)

    DL - The thought of fall around the corner never ceases to make me smile! Hands down my favorite time of year!

    Tiffany - Yay a fellow fan! And summer slacker. I really do think it's healthy for us to slow down from time to time....that's my excuse anyway!

    Jolene - Yay!

    Karen - You said it well! Agree 100%

    Nicole - It's horrible, isn't it? I bet the pool was like bath water. Good news is that cool weather is around the corner, atleast momentarily. For us in NC anyway. :-)

    Jackee - Monsoons? It's time for you to share that water! ;-)

    Jemi - Me too...and isn't it weird how music can magically bring back a feeling as well? I love it all.

    Jeff - Glad I'm not alone! It's hit my writing too!

    Kim - Seriously! Been a loooonnnngggg week. I had a hunch you may be a fellow James B fan! Such good taste you have!

    Kristin - LOL! I drip too, I just prefer to call it glistening, so I guess technically I glisten buckets. HA!

    Urban - It's totally because of the heat!!! HA! Glad you dig it!

    Eva - That's my favorite too! So touching and beautiful! Powerful lyrics. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Great, now I have to go listen to it. ;-)

    Kelly - Normally I love the heat too but we're currently at odds. It's too much! Thank goodness for AC!

  17. Yeah, I don't glisten, I full on sweat. It's not pretty LOL

    Hey, you won the signed copy of The Deathday Letter over on my blog! Email me your address and I'll get it out to you :D