Thursday, July 8, 2010

some unplugging laughter...

Happy Thursday everyone!

Okay, I admit it, I've been a bit blog-slack this week and I honestly just think my brain has taken a vacation without me.  It's tired, it needs a break, and well, it certainly didn't ask for MY permission, so I'm just following it's lead.

I'm thinking of it as a summer-blog break.  I'm sure I will be lurking around everyone's blogs in the meantime and I plan on being back for Wednesday's book review for The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson Book #1).

But before I go, a little "unplugging" entertainment:

That last one is ALL me.  LOL.

One last note:  if you won something in my contest and haven't received your prize yet, please leave me a comment below and let me know!  Amazon said all gift certificates were delivered but it's easy to resend them!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!!!



  1. Glad I'm not the only one distracted by summer.

  2. Brain revolt!! Better call the union. :)

  3. Happy unplugging! I've been terrible this week myself right in the middle of my contest I get sick, go figure. I emailed you but never got a reply, I know the first email I gave you didn't work so in case you didn't get my email to ya it's
    Enjoy the brain break ;)
    Be sure to check Monday when I announce my winner! After Randomizer has it's two cents.

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  5. Hey, while you're relaxing you might want to check out this documentary: Food Inc. I just watched it and wow. It's time to make a difference again. I'm not used to that power. The first step is to get someone else interested. I chose you first.

  6. Unplugging is good, enjoy! Always listen to the brain when it needs a rest. ;) *sigh* I've got Summer holidays in two weeks and counting down here. Yah!

  7. I understand! When you only get 3 months to pack in summer, you make enjoying it a priority! Have a great break.

  8. I also laughed at the one where the kid is pulling out the plug. I do that to MY kids. We all need to get away from the screen now and then.