Friday, July 16, 2010

An ode to my critEKKK group ~ a little Friday Fun in poem form

A little something different this Friday, I think.  I worked very hard and long on this very serious *cough*cheesy*cough* poem that I wanted to dedicate to all the critique groups out there, and especially my own.

I've had too much caffeine today and am super-giddy.  Like laughing-to-myself-hoping-no-one-is-watching-giddy.  This is apparently what happens when you get up earlier than normal to exercise before work.  Insanity!  My brain is revolting!

Hope you enjoy my little diddy ~ happy weekend everyone!

An Ode to critEKKK

O writerly sisters how I adore thee,
and not just for your editing skillz,
or even the happy way you make me feelz.

not just for the great plots in your book,
or even because we all love a great hook,

not just because we have a cool group name,
or even because we dream of writerly fame

not just for your constant encouragement,
or even the way you talk me out of discouragement

not just because you make my novel more sound,
or even when your highlights, strikethroughs, and comments abound

not just because you always know just what to change,
or even because you know how it should be rearranged

There's something more about you three,
something that makes me want to sing like the characters on GLEE,
something that brings a smile to my face,
it's a special writerly bond that can't be replaced…

So as we toil towards that big publishing goal,
I just wanted you to know,
the camaraderie and laughter heals my soul

And last but not least,
many thanks for sending the writing fairy,
writer's block was way too scary,
I've locked her up tight and put her away,
had to make sure, this time she'll stay.


  1. Oh my gosh this was seriously the cutest thing ever!!! Your critique buddies should be so lucky to have you!!! I know they love you though, that's a no brainer!

    Happy Friday!

    BTW - I love being first to comment!

  2. Kristi!! You are a poet, and you didn't even know it!! ;)

    I LOVE IT!! And I love being in critEKKK!!! You rock!!

  3. Kristi, that was the best! You just made my day :) I don't know what I'd do without the critEKKK girls!

  4. We dream of writerly fame? No way. Not us. Never. ::giggles while practicing her autograph. It's so pretty::

    I love you guys. Couldn't do it without you all!! CritEKKK group is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

  5. You're poem it rings
    of kinship so proud
    All writers around
    take notice in spite
    a special group
    the magnificent four
    critEKKK is their name
    all searching for fame
    so jealous am I
    for I cannot write.

  6. Your critique gals should be very proud :)

  7. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

  8. That was just too cute!! Gonna have to print that one out and thumbtack it to the wall of inspiration! :)

  9. Jen - Thanks! Glad someone besides myself appreciates my cheesiness! ;-) AND I'm with you on being the first to comment....

    Jeff - Thanks!

    Kristin - The feeling is mutual of course! :-)

    Eva - Glad to make your day...we both know your poetry is only like, hmmm, a million times better! Hope it gave you a smile!

    Kim - And you just made my day...your humor is AWESOME and never ceases to make me smile!!!

    Urban - LOVE the comment. Love, love, love. Seriously made me giggle and was totally in the right spirit. Apparently, I have competition. LOL.

    Victoria - Thank you!!! I'm sure they are either very proud, or extremely embarassed...either way, I love 'em!

    Lloyd - thank you so much! I'll head over to your blog now!

    DL - Yes!!!! ::pumps arm enthusiastically::

    The wall of inspiration??? SWEET!

  10. Aw! Lucky crit buddies to have someone as nice as you on board! Love the poem.

  11. So much fun, Kristi!

    Thanks for stopping in my random blog party...