Wednesday, June 30, 2010

total FAIL!

So I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but now seems like a good time:  I've been on a major exercising kick lately.  Good, right?  Healthy, yes?  Well, ummm, mostly good for you, if you're like, normal and stuff.  I'm totally not.

Basically I've been trying to alternate running/walking on the treadmill with family trips to the park for a few reasons:
1 - doing the same thing indoors everyday is boring and will drive you insane
2 - so my family doesn't think I intentionally find reasons to avoid them (treadmill is not very social)
3 - being outdoors is healthy for all of us and fresh air does amazing things for the soul

Last night, as is our routine, we packed up the toddler (two and a half years of age) and headed to the park behind our house to do the 2 mile loop.  The weather was sunny and hot with just a few sprinkles of rain.  Sure, we took the time to consider whether or not we should still go on our walk...

Note:  this is the exact moment that normal non-crazy parents decide to go back home

We aren't those people.  Surely it won't rain we say, the clouds and storms that have been threatening us for weeks have only brought tiny little sprinkles that last a few minutes at the most.  Plus, really it's to our advantage because the park will be less crowded.  (Because even then we knew no one would be out and I remember actually talking about it as a plus).

We wait a few minutes in the car and unanimously (between the two of us) decide to go for it.  We'll be fine.  We get little man's tricycle out of the car, he jumps on, and we are off walking.  About a quarter of a mile along the trail it starts to sprinkle and we see a dark cloud approaching, so we decide to pick up the pace.  We are now jogging behind his tricycle (that has a handle for pushing) and only stop momentarily when we see a really cool turtle that we all want to check out.  Getting the little guy back on his bike takes about five minutes longer than checking out the turtle.  The clouds are now upon us so we jog some more, the rain picking up, but still not drenching us.  We reach the one mile marker...exactly half way...AND the bottom falls out.  It was an all out thunderstorm, complete with thunder, and yes, lightning.  And so we're running again. 

The first few joggers that pass us smile at the three of us,  but at about a mile and a half when we decide to carry him and push the bike, just in case, you know, lightning strikes us down, the stares get more stern.  As if I needed any other reasons to feel badly about this decision.  I can barely see in front of me because the water dripping down my head is getting into my contacts and each step is squishy from my water logged shoes and socks.  Little man starts to cry, because at this point the thunder is pretty loud and we're trying to rush (as best we can) back to the car.  We have a half mile to go and running at this point is out of the question and pointless, we're tired, drenched from head to toe, and the water is still falling from the sky at an absurd pace.

I felt like the worst parent EVER.  What were we thinking???  Honestly - we thought we'd get a little wet and have a good family walk.  That was it.  Not that we'd be more wet upon returning to the car than if we'd all taken showers with our clothes on.

BUT, as you all know, I'm a total optimist and can't help myself.  So, as we got close to the car, we stomped in the puddles, laughed, and acted like it was the best time ever.  I mean, is there an option at this point?  I think not.  Hubs and I exchanged looks, laughed about being the worst parents in the world, and headed home, thankful that our house was less than a mile away. 

The scary thing about this story????  I'm not sure we wouldn't do it all over again.  And you know what, even as miserable as it was that last mile, I wouldn't trade the memory for ANYTHING.  It was a family story that will live on for quite a while in infamy.  And on a positive note, we ran more than usual and had an excellent workout. 

Have you had any Epic Fails lately???  Anything that made you feel insane or silly?  Sometimes the most beautiful things can come out of the strangest places...



  1. I LOVE that! Oh my goodness, I can just picture you first thinking "What the heck were we thinking?!" LOL
    It must have been quite an adrenaline rush running back to the car and the toddler crying! But how great it turned fun in the end afterall!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

    How about Pedroia? I'm so sad he's out for 6 weeks.

  2. We've done the same exact thing...with the same exact results! You're not a bad mom, just an optimistic one!

  3. What are you talking about? You two must be like the best, coolest parent's ever. Even it if was unintentional. LOL. Sounds like fun! :)

  4. Love it - I often took the kids out in the rain when they were little - especially when we went camping. Who wants to stay in a tent where there are puddles to explore? :) Awesome - it will be a GREAT memory!

  5. Those temperamental summer storms, you never really know when they'll unleash themselves! I'm glad you made it back okay, and with a laugh to add to the mix :)

  6. I wish you the best on getting or keeping in shape… it is real hard to do, I have been trying for a few months now—and I have totally FAILED as well. I love food too much and sitting at my comp and writing. Good thing I have a job that requires me to do physical labor “sometimes” if it wasn’t for that I would be in big trouble.

    I try and look at my achievements more that the failures, but it does help to wake yourself up once in awhile by looking at what you could do better.

  7. I love it..brought tears to my eyes.. your both great parents and Evan loves you both dearly..some of our most prized family stories were disasters..remember Mothers day.. wine broken in the garage, the boat trip that wouldn't start and actually seeing Steve loose it with us...hee..hee.. think of the people on shore watching us eat and sun on the boat 25 ft from the lauch pad...or Steve paddling us back at end of day to silance.. how often does that happen...We all still laugh and love to tell that story with tears in our eyes..
    Love ya/Mom/Grandma not even asking if Evan had a rain coat..hee.hee.

  8. That's such a cute story!! I'm sure the little man had a GREAT time! Every kid deserves to splash in puddles!!! Stories like this make me excited about the idea of starting a family :)

  9. What an awesome story - funny, tense, would make a GREAT picture book! Seriously. :-)

  10. Oh god I sooooo want a thunderstorm like that, we haven't had any for months and months!!

  11. You all have no idea how much your comments made my night!!! It was like blog totally "got me"!

    Jennifer - it's horrible!!! I'm postponing my visit to Fenway! Both Ellsbury AND Pedroai out on DL? Soooooo wrong!

    Miss V - sooooo glad I'm not alone!

    Kim - That's like the story of my life...LOL! Being unintentionally are TOO sweet! It really was lots of fun...after it was over! :-)

    Jemi - Playing in the rain really is great, isn't it? Nothing makes you feel more like a kid! I just prefer it when lightning isn't out..LOL!

  12. Joanne - Thank you! It was definitely one of those great memories to laugh about!

    Jeff - The whole getting "fit" thing is rough! I totally wish I didn't love food as much as I do, but I have to say, even if pounds aren't being shed, I definitely FEEL better when I'm exercising!

    Mom/Grandma - Do you really want to know the answer to that question??? LOL! You'll be happy to know we actually DID bring Evan's coat, but it was too hot to get him to wear it, so it did absolutely no good. But I did hear your voice inside my head telling me to bring it! :-)

    Kristin - There's nothing like it! Even on the worst of days, the little guy makes life extra special! And the family memories are priceless! (And you'll do and say things sillier than you have ever imagined!)

    Shannon - What a GREAT thought! How cool that it never crossed my mind...why can't inspiration like this hit every day? :-)

    Nicole - I know....we hadn't either! We've been needing rain badly too. It was overcast all day yesterday and not a drop of rain...figures!

  13. I'm left just chuckling after reading this. This is so YOU! (the optimism - and seeing the bright spot in any situation).


  14. Puddle stomping makes all the scary thunder less scary. I’ve been known to not make the best decisions hoping that what everyone else thinks will happen won’t.

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  16. thanks for following! So weird, I just put up a post about rain this week and how it looked like it was going to be an epic storm and then wound up petering out and I had to water my palm tree yet again. All the neighbors were outside waiting, while lightning was striking the ground around us. That could have been an epic fail ;) I'll be sure to link you in my blog roll and will put your contest in the sidebar and in my next post :)

  17. Awww, how intense. But what a memory. WE do crazy stuff like this all the time. Just a couple weeks ago I went running with my daughter in the break of a storm, and we got caught in it. Break over. The wind was so fierce it was actually blowing me off the sidewalk. Hail was crashing into us, and we arrived home soaked to the skin. But, you know, it was kind of fun. Glad you guys made it home okay. Ha. I would've loved to do that on purpose.