Tuesday, June 1, 2010

revise, revise, revise, edit, edit, edit

First off, how was everyone's holiday weekend??? 

Mine was actually fan-tabulous.  I was amazingly motivated and had an internet-unplug weekend.  We spent Friday re-doing our front flowerbed (thanks for the motivation Kim!)...we replaced three plants I didn't like when I moved in (looked more like pretty weeds than actual shrubs) and took out all the pine-straw and replaced it with mulch.  Talk about a chore!!! 

Saturday was spent with family playing tennis and cooking out...and guess what???  My new books arrived DURING my cookout...how fast is Amazon?  It really was like Christmas came early!  Sunday and Monday were a blur of housework, reading, exercising and yes, editing and revising.

Here's the deal with my latest WIP, the Tutelar:  I made it near the end and just couldn't finish it.  It wasn't that I didn't know how to end it but that the beginning really needed work.  And something about that made it impossible for me to keep writing.  Anyone else like this???  Plus I want to make sure my end is consistent with the mood and emotion of the book, and well, after you  have written and revised each chapter alone, I think it's important to re-read it all as a whole to make sure it is consistent in its entirety.  Sometimes after writing so much I feel lost, having come so far from the start of my story.  I want to pay homage to the important things in those last few pages, tie it all together in a nice little bow.  

So I printed out the first five chapters and sat quietly in my reading room and did just that.  I read and edited those first five chapters over and over and then later incorporated all those revisions into my WIP.  Am I totally happy?  Of course not, I'm a writer for crying-out-loud!!! 

Beginnings are hard.  But do I still think my beginning is horrible?  No, I have a bit of faith in it actually.  It's amazing how many people have critiqued and read those first five chapters and how much they have changed while keeping the same vibe they started out with.  This time around, the editing and revising doesn't seem so bad, it was actually kind of fun for a change.  And you know the best part???  I feel like mentally I can finish my story now.  Whew! 

Do you have any strange writing or life  habits that sometimes haunt you???  Something you can't get past???  The mind is a funny thing!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
*take care*


  1. I hate beginnings! I'm stuck on mine right now and can't seem to move past it. But that's what writers do, right?

    And YAY for flowerbed renovations. Doesn't it look so pretty?!?! :)

  2. I edit as I go so that I keep the flavor of the story intact. I know everyone says not to edit until you finish, but it works for me!

    Did some research, but wish I'd accomplished more this past weekend...

  3. I like L. Diane Wolfe's approach to edit as you go along. I tend to do that.. maybe a bit too much (and because I'm a slow writer).

    Beginnings are hard... I think everyone goes back and changes it several times before they are happy with it. You are not alone!

  4. beginnings drive me crazy!!!! Only because I want it to be awesome so I find myself day dreaming and revising, rewriting and destroying the beginning until I feel it's perfect.

    If you can take Diane's advice I'd be all for it, unfortunately I'm better at just writing it all out and then revising, but I am realizing I'm also not a fan of that... hehe... I think I'm in trouble!

    Weekend was fun, gorgeous weather, perfect for laying by the pool!

  5. Awesome! I'm so glad you are going to finish it now. Speaking of... I'm working on what I have... I swear.

  6. Funny, we had similar weekends!

    I had an unplugged weekend too! VERY productive. Might have to unplug on weekends just for balance sake.

    I bought flowers for my BACK flower bed, but haven't planted them yet. Maybe tomorrow?

    I got new books too...just not from Amazon.

  7. That's a good point. TONE. Maintaining the same tone throughout a book can sometimes be difficult. But there are also cases, like mine for instance, where the last half of the book is designed to move much faster than the first half...so naturally the tone will be different.

    I'm glad you had an enjoyable weekend! :)

  8. Kim - You are SO to blame for my beautiful flowerbeds!!! I was going to do a before and after photo but the after photo never happened...I was too tired to hold a camera...LOL!

    Diane - I envy you! I try to edit as I go but I'm so easily distracted! And I totally think research counts as accomplishing something!

    Kristin - I swear beginnings even after you've finishee and have a good feel for your characters, are still the hardest part! Mine changes every time I pick it up!

    Jen - Seriously the whole editing thing....yuck. Occasionally its fun but mostly it just feels more like work. LOL!

    Eva - No rush...I totally know you're busy! And that you've already read it once, which makes my day that you read it so quickly!

    Vicki (think I prefer Miss V...LOL) - What books did you get??? Inquiring minds want to know...I LOVE hearing what everyone else is reading! Now go plant those flowers...its hard work but very therapeutic! :-)

    DL - You're so right...your tone definitely needs to change you mystery writer you...speaking of, I should heckle you and see how it's coming. :-)

  9. Sounds like a fab weekend!

    Hm, strange writerly habits. I was very attached to a certain pencil that I had to use to make notes. But that pencil disappeared and then I couldn't find it within myself to start up with another one.

  10. I just rewrote my beginning. I liked my previous one, but it just wasn't the right place to start. Oh well.

    Sounds like you were productive over the weekend. Yeah. Not me. I can I have another oh well.

  11. At least you can get past your first five chapters. I can't stop revising them enough to move on.

  12. Beginnings = Argh! I agree with pretty much everything Kristin Rae said. And D.L. Ha ha ha. :-)

  13. Why yes, I do have some strange writing habits as a matter of fact. It's funny how we skip around the blog nation and find so many people with the same things going on.

    I am about 60,000 into my WIP and I just recently made the decision to go back to the beginning and revise. I was stuck and couldn't move forward. I felt like a little kid sneaking to revise before I had finished because I know that's against the writers book of law. But man it feels right, so I'm going to keep revising until the flow happens again.

    Thanks for sharing that. It's good not to be alone.