Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration!

So we all know by now about my addictive music personality, right?  Right.
It's beyond time for me to share with you all my latest obsession.  Yes, obsession.  I've been listening to this album for the last three weeks straight and I'm still not tired of it.  It's THAT GOOD.  I bought the album after a performance on American Idol a few weeks ago.  But, before I tell you who it is, let me tell you about the relationship I've had with this band BEFORE buying the CD.

A few years ago there was a T.V. show called The Great American Band.  Johnny Rzenick (sp?) from the Goo Goo Dolls was a judge, and because I seriously *heart* him, the hubs and I decided to check it out.  It was similar to American Idol, but with live bands trying out for a spot on the show.  Am I the only one who watched this????  Please if anyone out there saw it, comment me so I don't feel alone.  To my knowledge, it only last one season.  But that was an AWESOME season.  Granted, a few horrible bands, but one super stellar one I could NEVER take my eyes off of.  Who were they?  The Clark Brothers.  Christian rock/folk/country sounding guys who were the sons of a preacher.  The intensity with which the lead singer performs is truly amazing.  He draws you in no matter what he sings.  They ended up winning the competition and for months on end, I searched Itunes for their record, which I was sure would be coming out soon.  No.  Such.  Luck.

Hubs and I looked everywhere and found nothing.  After a year or so, we kind of forgot about it.  Then, a few weeks ago, we watch American Idol and low and behold, THERE THEY ARE!  But under a different name.  They are now called, are you ready for it????

Sons of Sylvia! 

We recognized them the moment they hit the stage.  And true to form, they didn't disappoint.  I literally downloaded the album from Itunes THAT NIGHT in anticipation.  The entire thing is just awesome.  Clearly I am biased, but let me tell you, it's good stuff.  Even listening to the songs, you get the emotion behind the vocals and find yourself drawn in.  Is it any surprise that one of these songs could be the theme song for my latest WIP?  Of course not!  (Was going to share it but couldn't find it anywhere!!!!)

But I did find a few things to share.  Check them out.  And go buy the album...NOW!  It's hard not to feel inspired by the passion these guys have. 

Here they are on American Idol:

One of my favorites from the album and trust me it's hard to choose:

Hope you enjoy this band as much as I do and that they inspire you to rise above "just okay" and towards "on fire!"





  1. Thanks for the info on these interesting bands. I love music too so I'm always looking for new stuff to listen too. Thanks!

  2. I love learning new things, especially when it comes to music since I'm not a big listener of music!!! I look forward to researching more of them! Looks like I have something new to listen too at work!

  3. Music is so inspiring, with such a beautiful way of reaching our hearts. I'm a big music fan, too, particularly live music where the artists bring so much creativity to the stage with their art.

  4. I'm not sure I can get past the name (Sons of Sylvia? What?) but if I can, I'll check them out! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the information. I, too, am always on the lookout for new music. I never wanted to be one of those that said music died with Buddy Holly or John Bonham or Kurt Cobain. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Ronnie James Dio since he just passed away; I fell in love with Sara Bareilles this year; and I am waiting for the new My Chemical Romance and Maroon 5 cd's. Thanks again.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing them with us, Kristi. Music is one of those universals that we can all benefit from! :-)

  7. I first heard this band one night when I was working on my book and the wife was watching a Carrie Underwood special on TV. Well, the Sons of Sylvia sang a song with Carrie, and one of their own. It made so much of an impression that I wrote down their name while I was writing. Now months later, I see their name when I'm skimming iTunes for new releases. I grabbed up the CD and have been listening to it ever since. GREAT STUFF!!

    You know what they say,great minds.......

  8. Aw, I'm so happy you found them. I love music, it truly is inspiring. :)

  9. I'm not very musically inclined, but I do know the excitement of falling in love with a new group/author/artist/whatever.

  10. I too watched Next Great American Band (you weren't alone!) and fell in love with The Clark Brothers. Even my husband, a die hard rocker, thought they were the best ever! (Back then they were considered "country".)

    After the show I searched for info on them and finally came across their myspace page where I became friends with another girl who was just as crazy about them as I was. Soon, we started a myspace fan page for them which has grown to twitter and fb and youtube and individual fan pages for each guy and sites in different states and..... lol

    It's been so wonderful to see people discover this "new" band (they've all been playing since they were about 5 years old!). It was especially satisfying to see them in concert and to meet them. Super nice guys.

    Check out their official website

  11. Hey Talli -

    Their name - Sons of Sylvia - is to honor their mom who has had 11 children. They figured it sounded better than using their dad's name - Sons of Frederick! lol

  12. Thx for sharing, havn't heard about them... glad you enjoy it.

  13. I've never heard of them before. I like their sound. Thanks for the introduction.

  14. My husband and I watched them on NGAB too and had such fun rooting for them and voting for them every week and then have been watching and waiting for their new music to come out...always hoping they weren't being tainted by a record company all this time (no offense, but they are real artists who shouldn't be changed). We were so delighted that the first release turned out to be all THEM, not tainted in the least. I always wondered why Fox never re-ran the series - maybe a Friday night leading up to Christmas wasn't the greatest for original ratings, but they could re-run on the dreaded Fox Reality channel now and promote the truly NEXT GREAT AMERICAN BAND! it's sure better than all the other reality re-runs on tv. The BEST thing that happened to music in decades was that show because it produced Sons of Sylvia, and the album is better than I ever could have anticipated. I couldn't be happier, it's not just a great year for SOS, it's a great year for us fans! No you weren't alone NGAB was awesome!

  15. Christine - You're SO welcome...I love finding new music and sharing what I love! These guys are great!

    Jen - Me too!!! Maybe I should ask for suggestions so we can all share???

    Joanne - Couldn't agree more. These guys bring the emotion and creativity back to music that it's been lacking in the more commercial artists. Very moving.

    Talli - Definitely check them out and so glad SharG explained to me the meaning behind it...I had no idea! :-)

    James - Maybe I need some suggestions from you because I too LOVE Sarah Bareilles, My Chemical Romance, and Maroon 5....what else do you have? LOL. I need something new. ;-)

    Shannon - It is and I love sharing my passion for music! It inspires my writing frequently!

    DL - why am I not surprised that you already knew about these guys??? You're right...great minds...

  16. Kim - You know it!!! I love finding new music and artists!

    MissV - I know what you mean...we are all moved by different things. The new authors get me pumped up too...I'm surrently in love with Suzanne Collins. LOL.

    SharG - SO glad I'm not alone in watching that was GREAT and these boys were definitely the stand outs. How cool you got to meet them...part of their star appeal for me has always been how sincere and down to earth they's rare these days. Thanks for all of the info!

    Jeff - Anytime! :-)

    Eva - I think we need to swap favorite artists! :-)

    BeHopeful - first of your screen name! glad to have three of us that watched the show...honestly thought I was alone! And couldn't agree more with you on everything. This band, their attitude, their's all very refreshing and hard NOT to love.

  17. Glad you appreciate the screen name, years ago I found out anything can change in a minute...if this minute is the worst, there's a pretty good chance the next minute, hour, day will be significantly better-you just gotta hang on.

    If this minute is rotten - listen to Sons of Sylvia and you're certain to feel better!

    Don't know if you've heard the bonus tracks, but there are 3 - one on Amazon, one on itunes, one on Napster - wherever you downloaded the album, you would have gotten the bonus from that site, the other two you can buy as singles.

    They are such an inspiration, I'm always glad when I see them recommended by someone!

  18. Hey Kristi!
    Great write up on Sons of Sylvia! I, too...along with you and 2 million others, watched the guys win the title of NEXT GREAT AMERICAN BAND. I fell in love with them then, and I love 'em even more now! Love 'em so much, a good part of my day is spent running several fan site's for them, along with SharG and a few other diehard SOS fans...We've been waiting for them to get noticed for over two years now and we couldn't be happier for them and more proud of the new music they've created. They have completely blown us away with their crazy talent! And you're right, they are sincere and down to earth...some of the greatest guys you'll ever meet! Follow us @SonsofSylviaFan on twitter!

  19. I'm skimming iTunes for new releases. I grabbed up the CD and have been listening to it ever since. GREAT STUFF!!
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  20. Thanks for sharing. I get addicted to songs/bands too. :)

  21. You should come by my blog. *winks* Maybe you won something. *winks again* Like a competition. Just sayin'.