Friday, April 16, 2010

TGIF and a confession

We made it!  Woot, woot!  Yes, Friday is finally here!  The weekend lays ahead, full of the promise of lovely outdoor activity and yard work!  Ahhhh....

And then I realize I've fallen back into my blogger schizophrenic ways this week, with only one post.  *gasp*

Which had me thinking this morning about all the writer quirks some people have.  You know, the "cool" ones.  I always imagine the author with the crazy hair, bathrobe, lack of care about the outside world...kind of like a tamer version of the Shining.  Or maybe like Stephen King sleeping with the light on or not owning a cell phone.  (Not sure if those are true but the rumors had passed by my ear a time or two.)

And I thought, hmmm...maybe my blogger schizophrenia could be considered a writing quirk?  It sounds much, much better than laziness, yes?  And in all honesty, it is't laziness at all.  I've mentioned before that usually when my writing is going well and the voices in my head are playing along, this posting on the blog suffers.  It's a necessary evil.  We all know the worst thing is when the voices stop and you're left mid-novel with no clue what to do.  Now that's bad.  Did we just jinx ourselves?  It's ok - spit in your hand, stomp your left foot, turn around three times and we should be good.  Done?  Perfect.

The fear of the voices stopping always causes me to write as much as I can in the hopes that they won't go away.  And I always think about posting something about a blogger break or a hiatus, but I know the moment I do, I will have a great topic and want to post and have to take it all back.  So just know that I will be very erratic the next few weeks, but eventually, I will go back to normal.  Then again, what fun is normal?  Really?

Anyhoo - since the writing bug is still in full swing, I vow once again to post something this Teaser Tuesday!  Yippee!

But before I go, let me leave you with one of my other writing quirks I've just discovered:  When I'm feeling the muse and the writing is going well, be careful if you ask me a question.  My rambling hits an all time high.  Some of you have already experienced this.  :-) 

You will not get a yes or a no but a five paragraph explanation of how I feel followed by a final:  I don't know.  I see all perspectives and become indecisive.  I've decided this too is even worse when I'm writing.  It's like I can't turn it off. 

SO, what about you??  Any writing quirks?  I hope for your sake they are much cooler than mine, I'm afraid it wouldn't be a hard thing to do.

Happy weekends everyone!


  1. I'm trying to think of something great to add to this but I don't think I have any fun quirks...

    I do know when I get an idea one I'm super excited about I put on a fun song and dance around the couch! I did the same thing when I finished my first draft... call me crazy but I love doing my happy dance!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Embrace your quirkiness. I find that at times I need to give myself a change of perspective. Hence, the writing in and about coffee shops.

  3. I don't think I have any quirks...maybe I should get me some.

  4. You and I have some of the same quirks when we're writing. I'm also afraid the voices will go away - because they have and that's always a terrifying time because I wonder if they'll ever come back. So I'm a binge writer. And very contemplative and indecisive, too.

    I guess one of my quirks is when I'm trying to work out a scene that I'm stuck on, especially if I've been writing for hours, I listen to music and play Minesweeper. Counting the boxes, a logical but mindless activity, requires a different part of the brain, letting the creative side work things out. Oh, and I shower a lot - I get the best ideas in the shower! LOL

  5. I tend to go to school and pick up my kids with something painted on my face. My quirk would be that I paint on myself! ALWAYS! What is with the people who notice and say NOTHING?!!! I get back home, see at some point I have a blue line from my forehead to my hairline. Am I to believe they didn't see it?

  6. My quirks are almost completely unrelated to writing. Like, I say sorry and about as if I were Canadian. Weird, I know.

  7. I LOVE your rambles!

    I've always said that my blog is a way to fill in the void when I'm not working on a WIP. If I'm on a writing streak, the blog suffers. It's just a matter of priorities.

    I think I need to develop a writing quirk. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe a pipe? :)

  8. Definitely my writing/blogging quirks too!

    And speaking of the bathrobe and crazy hair... at the bus stop today the father of my daughter's friend came up to my car and started making small talk. He said he worked from home and asked me if I did too. I told him yes, that I'm a writer. He looked my attire up and down and nodded. I think he believed me about the writing thing. LOL! :o)

  9. I'm pretty sure now we were separated at birth. You have described me perfectly. There is no rhyme or reason to how I blog or post or even write. I just do what comes to me. But I like your spin on it. Yes, I shall call it a quirk from now on.

    Darling, I love your writerly quirks. So I say go on and just keep being quirky with your 5 paragraph wanderings that lead to I don't know. It makes you that much more fun and unpredictable. At least, that's what I tell myself.

  10. Yay! Glad the writing is going so well.

  11. Dang, I don't have any fun quirks. Maybe we're not related after all. LOL

  12. Its the worst when the voices stop mid novel. It drives me crazy. I don't know about writing quirks, I probably have a million of them but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

  13. it was a good weekend... i am waiting for your book to get here.

    best of luck.

  14. Jen - I totally love happy dances!!! I like that one!

    Mary - I wish I were more quirky...I love it! And I seriously need a laptop - I would love to write in and about coffee shops!

    Holly - I know what you mean...mine are pretty dull! I bet if you look long enough, you'll find a few!

    Kristie - it's great to meet a fellow binge writer! Binge writers unite!!! And I'm with you on the shower...and in the car...hands down two of the best places for new ideas!

  15. JeMa - I love that! That is truly a very cool quirk. I'll bet if they noticed the paint they were just jealous they were so dull..I would be!

    Kayeleen - I love it! Bring on the fun quirks!

    DL - I'm so glad SOMEONE appreciates my rambles...LOL. You know very well how I can't seem to answer yes or no to anything but I have a lot of maybe's that I think are helpful, right? right?
    And you're dead on with the priorities. I also think the pipe is a must...maybe without actually smoking it, but just having it with you as you write. Very Sherlock Holmes like and mysterious, which considering the mystery genre, is quite appropriate! :-)

    Jackee - Hilarious! That's good writing material right there.

    Jen - will definitely stop by ASAP...I love awards!

  16. Carol - Hey you! It's been a while...I'm so glad someone else shares my writerly quirks and random blog MIA-ness...and yes, we seriously need to call them quirks from now on...straight away! LOL!

    Jamie - Thank you! Trying so hard to go with it and not jinx it! :-)

    Jennifer - NEVER. I shall be in denial. I'm pretty sure even separated at birth twins have some differences, right?

    Eva - Is there anything worse? Honestly? The voices stopping mid-novel is total agony.

    Jeff - Thank you! Very'll have to let me know what you think!

  17. I totally get this post. :)

    I don't think I have any cool writing quirks. I like closed doors and mechanical pencils, but I don't think those are quirks--at least not cool ones.