Monday, April 26, 2010

the slumps

I admit it.  I'm in blogging withdrawal!  I miss you all!

Last week I found myself in "the slumps".  Okay, realistically, I might be the ONLY ONE who noticed I was there, but still, I felt it.  The only problem with being a total optimist is that even when you have a bad day, most people don't even notice.  And it's not that I'm "faking" it or anything.  It's just that even when I'm not feeling 100% "me" I'm still fairly upbeat. 

Because you know what?  Even when I hit my ultimate tired level as I did last week.  Even when I'm worn out and my current WIP is less than exciting and I'm needed that something to perk it up.  Even when work is only so-so and I'm frustrated.  Even when I've been working out and the scale doesn't show it.  Even when I just reworked my entire beginning, spent a week on it, and hate the result.  Even when my computer runs slow and I haven't posted in a week.  You know what?  I'm still blessed.  I still have an awesome life.  And I'm still smiling. 

It's hard to be too down in the slumps when the friends, family and people that I'm surrounded by are so incredibly awesome.  So thank you to you all, because believe it or not, your comments and support are all a part of that.  Even when I don't post means alot.  Actually, I think it means even more when I'm too busy to post but you still stop by.

Being in a "baby slump" last week made me really think about when in my life I'd had major slumps.  You know the ones.  The life-changing, you're not sure you'll make it out ones?  I've been lucky enough to only have three. 

Three that scarred me enough to remember anyway:
1 - The largest was when my baby sister was sick and diagnosed with two forms of cancer (that will put any baby slump into quick perspective)....and breathe easy....she's in remission and is currently training for a marathon.  Seriously, she's in better shape than me...and my very best Beta Reader.
2 - A horrible, horrible breakup.  One that hurt bad enough to cause life-changing slumpness and lots and lots of patheticness.
3 - Right before my son was born.  As soon as that due date went by, two weeks later, I had stopped talking to anyone and locked myself in my house.  I was not a happy camper.

BUT you know what the best thing about big slumps and baby slumps is????  Getting over them!  They always pass and that rainbow seems even brighter when you come out the other side.

AND for the record, this weekend my computer was fixed, new memory added, and the slow, frustrating posting is behind me.  And, yes, I'm back to my WIP and life is once again golden.

Now if all my exercise would finally cause my stupid scale to start going in the right direction...who am I kidding???  I'll take what I can get...

I hope you are all having slump-less weeks!
*take care*


  1. Sorry to hear about the slumps. They suck, but they do help define the 'up up and aways'.

    I TOTALLY agree that the thing about being an optimist is that most people never notice when you're down. I was depressed for awhile, but even I didn't realize it until I started to snap out of it. Even my depression was still sunnier than most people on a good day

  2. Your upbeat attitude will get you through ANY slumps! Whenever I'm in a slump of my own, I try to find something to be thankful for. Even on the crappiest of days, I can always find something. Sounds like you're the same way! Good luck on your wip.

  3. Work gets me down and no time to write gets me down... not having enough money gets me down, trying to find the muse gets me down.

    But there is always tomorrow!

  4. So good to remember that a slump comes to an end! Thanks for the reminder :) You sound like a sunny optimist who's a joy to be around, even on the slump days!

  5. I'm glad you're back in the sunshine again. And I wouldn't sweat the small stuff, those 5 pounds will always be there more or less. Mine come and go like the tide.

  6. What you need is a good here you go. :)

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  7. Hugs to you! You'll get out of it. I love the teaser you posted, so keep at it and have faith!

  8. I hate the slumps! I get them every once in a while too. Sometimes, the only thing that will make it better is to just keep pushing through. I hope you get through your soon.

  9. I firmly believe that if not for slumps, the peaks would be far less exciting!

  10. Oh man, I know slumps too well. I was in one for about three months and I'm finally coming out of it. You're right, that is the best part :)

  11. Glad things are looking up!

    I have an award for you at my blog. :)

  12. MissV - you definitely TOTALLY get me!

    Julie - Thank you and I totally agree!

    Jeff - Watch sound an awful lot like a fellow optimist! :-)

    Karen - I really, really hope I am! I try. :-)

    Piedmont - You are so right...but why is it those annoying 5 pounds have to bother me so bad when they're on the plus side??? I want them to go away altogether...but they are more stubborn than I am!!!

    DL - That gave me a HUGE laugh. Hilarious and much needed!!! I can always count on you!

    Amy - Hugs right back!!!! Thank you so much! I love my bloggy friends. What would I do without you????

  13. Kayeleen - I'm pushing, pushing, pushing. :-) (singing in my Dory voice from the movie Nemo...I sing in her voice alot!)

    Lily - I couldn't agree more. Man, I've missed my bloggy friends. Such good stuff you all have to say. :-)

    Eva - Sounds like we're on the same cycle! Glad we're both coming out of more slumps!!! Promise???

    Dawn - thank you! I'll check it out!!!

  14. Awww...*hugs*

    We all have those slump days...weeks...months. :)
    Ususally someone slaps me back to my old self.

    Do you need me to slap you? :)

  15. Definitely been there... and recently, as you know. lol.

    Glad you're on the right side of the slump now!!

  16. Today is Wednesday!! YAY!! Only two more days until the weekend. Does that make you feel better?!

    Okay, okay, well what if I send you chocolate?! ;)

  17. Jennifer - I think I do! :-)

    Kristin - I'm on the up and up. Woo ho!

    Kim - We're over half way close to Friday now. Thank goodness. And yes, chocolate is always welcome. LOL