Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The inspiration behind your swing... errr... words!

As you all know for Teaser Tuesday I usually do one of two things:  give you a peek at my current WIP or share some kind of inspiration.

Something I saw this weekend made me go for the latter.

The truth is, we all have people in our lives that keep us going in one way or another.  For me, it's my sister who always reads my work and gives me feedback, my husband and son who allow me time to work on my crazy hobby (which I tend to try to fit in when they are either sleeping or busy), my Krit Group that shares their own writerly struggles, my family who thinks I can do anything I put my mind to....the list could go on and on but you get the point.

Do the people in your life know how appreciated they are and how much their small sacrifices mean to you?

The following clip from winner Phil Mickelson at the Masters moved me in so many ways.  And yes, I cried.  Is anyone shocked?  I'm such a softie!!!

Not only did this make me really think about the own people in my life and the importance of family and friends, but it also moved me in other ways as well.  This moment is one that is frozen in time, priceless and meaningful.  It makes me want to write a character that can show these same struggles and triumphants.  It's what moves us as people and remembering that when we write is equally as important.

Congrats to Phil on his 3rd Masters win.  I, for one, was pulling for him on Saturday before I even realized he had all of this family stuff going on.  When hubs explained to me on Sunday, well, it made me pull for him that much harder.  I don't doubt for an instant that he was out to prove something.  Well done, my man. 

And looking good, might I add...much different than the last time I watched the masters. 

Hope everyone is off to a great start this week...can't wait to see what Teaser Tuesday brings!



  1. Thanks for this...Yay for Phil. He so deserved this win.

  2. It makes you think about how wonderful your life is. Watching Phil and his wife did make me tear up and even hearing about it again makes me tear up it's super sweet and it reminds you that there are plenty of people in your life who care about you and it would be nice to make sure to tell them you care as well!

    Excellent Inspiration for the day!

  3. I didn't watch much of the Masters but I sat with my husband and watched the finish. It was quite emotional. I was glad he won!

  4. It's amazing where we can find inspiration. I don't watch golf, so thanks for sharing this.

  5. Well done Phil! I didn't watch the Masters, but I'm glad he's won.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way! :)

  6. This was an awesomely inspirational post - and it even included sports! Thanks for the inspiration, Kristi. :-)

  7. It's so true that we often don't know what's going on behind the scenes, and when we find out that makes the victories that much sweeter. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for this great reminder to express my gratitude to my family for all their support. Without it, I wouldn't be living my dream right now!

  9. Few of us could write without support. It's a lonely endeavor, which often fills us with self-doubt. Different people offer support in different ways. Besides my husband and sister, I also love my blogging writer community. When I'm having a difficult time, these writers quickly respond, and they've been there!

  10. I'm not a golf guy, but I was pulling for Phil on Sunday! This was a big one for him, but it reminds us not to take anything for granted.

  11. That was truly a wonderful moment, especially after all the other golf news going around.

  12. It's interesting that Tiger and Phil are in the same clip. There's Phil weeping on the neck of his wife, wondering if she'd even be alive, and if so healthy enough, to watch him play. And, Tiger, who's life is in such pain. We all need strong supporters, but we're not all married to them.