Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ummmm....Progress - Sort of?

This is what I actually accomplished last week:

Here is my beige room before paint:

And my "Granite Dust" room post-paint:

For the amount of work and fumes that were involved, I would have hoped for more dramatic photos.  You can barely see the difference.  Quite disappointing.  I was hoping for more of an HGTV/DIY network "reveal" but oh well.  I swear you can notice the difference in person!  To be honest, I totally love the color and it's much more "grey" than the photos appear, even still, it's a more subtle tone than I normally go for. 

Anyhoo - not much else going on the last few weeks, a few home improvement projects here and there and normal, everyday things.  I've got to be honest:  I'm in a writing rut.  I want to write and work on my latest projects but I just haven't been feeling the "drive" lately.  I just feel too tired and worn out.  I am the multi-tasking queen who has finally grown a bit weary. 

I pledged to myself to work on a few things tonight, so wish me luck...I may be on a bit of a bloggy hiatus this week (at least on my own blog...I can't tear myself away from others on a daily basis...that involves too much detox to actually consider)....just to try to get some of my latest thoughts and things on paper...and revitalize. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend...

PS-couldn't resist posting this precious photo of my cute is this?


  1. Isn't it precious how the doggies snuggle?? My boxers snuggle with each other all the time. So precious! Your room looks great! Brightens it up a bit huh?

  2. Awww... those puppies are too cute! I love your paint color, even though I can't really see a difference. Haha! You guys are good!

    I think I'm feeling the urge to share my DIY project pictures from this weekend, the week sometime. YAY for HGTV (it's the devil, for real!)! : D

    Happy Monday!

  3. Aww, I love puppies. They're so adorable!

  4. And the puppies steal the spotlight.

  5. Me and my wife do that all the time. Of course we keep the thermostat at 60 degrees, so it's mostly to share body heat and prevent hypothermia. :)

  6. Puppies are cute. I use one in my Awesomous Maximus awards I give out to other bloggers.

    I have a lot of DIY projects wifey keeps asking me to do. I really need to finish the ones I started first.

    Stephen Tremp

  7. I love gray walls, but they do tend to change colors with the light. My foyer and guest bath are gray.

  8. A new paint job always makes the room look better, we really need to paint ours.
    I love the puppy pic! I love when my dogs snuggle. I always say, "Awwwww, look at them!" :)

  9. Thanks for all the comments everyone....and the dogs steal the spotlight again! HA!

  10. Kristi,
    I just want to say, "good for you to get that painting done"! I think my hall has been half painted for a month! Give yourself a pat on the back for not procrastinating!