Thursday, March 11, 2010

some writerly advice....

Go Write!

HA!  There it is. My very own words of wisdom.  Yes, I know, it's deep and inspiring.  Just sit there and think on it for a moment.  LOL. 

Seriously though - this is what I've been telling myself all week.  Sometimes finding the time and energy to get some writing and reading done is hard when life tends to get in the way.  My motto is and will always be, live life, don't write it.  My family and building memories with them will always come first...but what about those days that I'm just lazy?

I write because it feeds a part of my creative soul that I use rarely.  It makes me whole.  Something about it just relaxes and frees the irony of me not writing is that I tend to get stressed and feisty quite quickly.  Overwhelmed even.  I need my outlet to fully feel accomplished.

And so, little by little this week I'm finally putting aside some time to work.  (Which also explains my blogging hiatus!)

So, my question is, what are you doing still reading?  Get back to work! 

Getting thoughts on paper is the first step and sometimes the random rambling of an idea is my favorite part!

Happy writing everyone,


  1. Yesterday was my first writing day in 8 days. Friends in town will do that to you, but it was tough. I had expected more out of myself and when I was unable to deliver I was grumpy. However I love your motto and last night I just lived my life, I think today will be better.

    I'm reading Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard it's fantastic so far!

  2. Brilliant! Those words of writerly wisdom was pure genius!! I guess I should get busy, huh??

  3. There does need to be balance, as real life matters more.
    But writing can be SO therapeutic! It helps us deal with the real world.

  4. This has been me all week, too. I finally realized that if I don't actually work, I won't be satisfied. Getting work got me out of the funk.

    Good luck!

  5. Everybody is in a funk. Posts and comments abound on this subject. I, too, am afflicted.

  6. That has been my mantra all week too. I have practically forced myself to write this week. :-)

  7. *Saluting the monitor*

    Yes ma'am!! :)

  8. That's probably the best writing advice. There's no point worrying about voice and plot-holes and the rest if you can't actually make the time to write!

  9. Great advice and so true. I have found, the longer you avoid writing, the harder it is to come back. If you keep writing through the tough spots, the momentum will swing back much faster. So yes, write.

  10. Hi Kristi, I just came over here after reading about the awesome package Kimberly received in the mail. How fun! Also, I love what you said about living life rather than writing about it. I try to always take time out when my youngest daughter wants to play a game or whatever. It's not always easy to do, but she won't want to play games with her old mom forever.

  11. Hey everyone! Thanks as always for the comments...seems I'm not alone with this struggle! Finding balance is key. I'll be glad when these tv shows I'm addicted to are gone for the motivation may magically return!

    Jen - I'm going to add Prada and Prejudice to my Goodreads list now! Thanks for the tip!

    Susan - welcome!!! And that's always my problem too...I have a toddler and I figure I need to cherish the time he wants to spend with me while I can...I know it won't last long!

  12. I so need to. I've taken like a three week break from writing due to working more and I'm taking an online class. I need to get to it. I miss my writing time!

  13. Definitely the advice I need these days--get of the 'net and just write. Good stuff, bad stuff... just write.

    Thanks for the reminder. I'm off now!

  14. It can be hard to find time to write. I get distracted easily. Good advice!

  15. I just realized that you got your book published through Regan. I went to college with him!

    Small small world!! :)

  16. I'm adding some of what you said to my inspirational writing quote slideshow that's on my desktop. I love what you said about Live life, don't write it.

  17. If only I followed my own advice...not much writing was done this weekend. But I did, however, do a bit of shopping. Darn procrastination! There's always next week.

    Tiffany - That is too cool that you know Reagan! Seriously small world!!

    Elizabeth - that is too cool! I feel honored!