Monday, March 15, 2010

A CONTEST and GIVEAWAY you can't miss!!

That's right party people!  Kim and I are giving away Twilight stuff in honor of the New Moon DVD release next week--Saturday, March 20, 2010!!!!

How fun is that???  I'm only sad that I can't enter myself.  **whine** (Don't worry - I'm planning on getting my own copy this Saturday!)

So, go ahead, you can admit it! This is way fun! And, while you're at it, you can also admit that we are two of the coolest people on the face of the planet for hosting a Twilight Giveaway & Contest!
Because Kim and I are so cool (stop laughing! It's true! We ROCK!), we have decided to host a Giveaway (for all of you lazies out there) AND a Contest!

Without further ado - here are the rules and more importantly, the PRIZES for both!!!

The Giveaway is easy. We will draw two names at random for the FABULOUS TWILIGHT PRIZES below.

Grand Prize:

The New Moon DVD

But wait, there's more...

Did you really think we would give away a DVD and not provide CANDY to go along with it?
If so, you seriously doubt our Twilight obsession and good taste.
We even found New Moon chocolate bars for you (I call dibs on the Edward bar!!!)

Second place winner will receive:
A box of YUMMO New Moon Sweethearts (aww... Edward is my Sweetheart)
New Moon buttons!!

(Disclaimer: If you win New Moon buttons you must wear them every day! Even to work!)
(Oh, and you must take pictures of you wearing them, too! You know, if you want, purely for our own entertainment purposes.)

Giveaway Rules

1) You must be a follower of both mine and Kim's blogs.
2) You must comment on the Twilight Giveaway post on both blogs.

Seriously - that's it!!  How easy is that?!

But wait! You can get extra entries if you do one or all of the following...
~ 5 extra entries for writing an entire blog post solely dedicated to our contest.
~ 1 extra entry for Tweeting, Facebooking, or posting in blog sidebar.
***Be sure to let Kim or I know if you do any of the above so we can award you your extra entries for the Giveaway drawing.

Easy Schmeasy! And now, on to the contest details AND prizes!  Yes, more prizes!!!


Grand Prize:
The Grand Prize winner will win a Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson autographed Twilight photo.
*This is a re-print of Kim's original--certified for authenticity--autographed photo. That's right, you will have in your possession a picture of a picture that Robert Pattinson touched! Eekkk!

A $20.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Second Place Winner:

The second place winner will win a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card
A box of New Moon Sweethearts & New Moon buttons

Contest Rules

You must write something (anything: Parody, Poems, Fan Fiction, Novel Scenes, How you plan to win the heart of the elusive Edward Cullen, etc...) that is Twilight inspired.  You don't even have to like Twilight--you just need to write about it.

All entries must be sent to us via email at
Also, be sure to include your Twilight inspired entry, along with your name, email and blog address.

Kim and I will be judging the contest entries.  We can't wait to see what all of you come up with! (Pst... kissing scenes are always a GOOD thing. I'm just sayin'. LOL.)

And that's all folks!

All entries for the Twilight Giveaway and Contest must be received by:

11:59PM CST on Saturday, March 20, 2010

So... what are you waiting for??? Get busy already!!

And remember to HAVE FUN!


  1. I will be posting tomorrow:) Great Contest!

  2. Very fun!
    Throw my hat in the ring for the giveaway and I'm thinking about my entry for the contest! Will email!

  3. Just blogged about the contest, too! :)

  4. woohoo :D!
    i'll be posting it on my sidebar:

  5. Too fun! I've included a link on my blog's side bar promoting yours and Kimberly's give-away/contest.

    Best of luck with it!!
    ((hugs)) Nicole

  6. Seriously, this rocks so much I want to cry. Will be blogging tomorrow.

  7. I'm already a follower of both blogs, and I will post a link in my sidebar. We'll see if I can come up with a brilliant poem or not - where to find more time???? :-)

    Great contest, ladies! :-)

  8. Just retweeted on Twitter, posted to my blog:

    following on Twitter, following blogs. Yay!

  9. YAY for us! We're so cool! ; ) Haha... I'm just procrastinating right now. Now I'm going to get busy writing! : D

  10. I'm commenting just to say good luck to everyone!

  11. I'm too excited for my own good!!

    Just tweeted excitedly about this ( and am well on the way to producing a post dedicated to the awesomeness :~D

    Sidebarness will happen too *dances* expect a submission from me soon!

  12. I also posted the contest on Facebook. :)
    Denise is my sister by the way. She's definitely a Twihard!

  13. I'm only doing this because my wife is a HUGE Twilight fan.


    I'm not lying!!


  14. Oh yeah, I'm so in. I'm on hiatus, so won't be able to blog, but I'll add you guys to my sidebar. I'd like to tweet, but I can't find a Twitter button for you, Kristi so that I can be sure to mention you in it. What's your Tweetie name? I can't remember... :(

    Great contest, by the way. And totally fun!!!

  15. This is seriously too much fun! I'm loving it.

    DL - I only have one thing to say....SURE she is. **wink, wink**

    Carol - I'm not officially a part of the Twitterati yet so feel free to just post to Kim's account. I have too many addictions as is and am holding out! LOL!

  16. You and Kimberly rock!!!! Yay for amazing contests!!

  17. Oh and of course your lovely blogs will be on my sidebar!!

  18. Just found out about this giveaway! So cool. I'm tweeting this and putting it in my sidebar- keeping my fingers crossed!

  19. Just say no to Twitter, Kristi! It's okay!!

    Enter me for the giveaway!! And I'm thinking up my written contest entry! I did blog about your contest, but it certainly wasn't ONLY about the contest, so.. do i get 2.5 points for that? ;)
    And of course I will slap it up on my sidebar!

    Great contest!!

  20. Did you say twilight hearts? Or twilight anything really? Sign me up. Oh yeah, you and Kim rock!

  21. Not a Twilight girl, but this is a great contest. Did you see what you're tagged for on Kim's blog? I can't wait to see your response!


  22. I follow your blog! Love me some Twilight!

  23. I follow your and Kimberly's blog! :) I really hope I win, Thanks for the great giveaway, I LOVE the Twilight Series <3

  24. Oh my goodness I got sick for a few days and look what I almost missed! I'm glad to see I made it in under the wire and I found a great new blog because of it.

  25. Nothing like waiting til the last minute to try to win me some Twilight goodness! :)

  26. I wrote this for Author Appreciation Week, hope it counts for the entry!!

  27. I just wanted to say thank you again. I received my New Moon DVD and watched it last night. Sniff sniff. I can't wait for the next one! And I enjoyed the candy too. Ate all of it already. Hmmm.