Friday, March 5, 2010


It's finally Friday *as I let out a little cheer and do a happy dance*!

Been a long, busy week and I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend.  I'm hoping it allows me to catch up on my reading and writing...

BUT first, my answers to yesterday's Creative Liar award - looks like no one guessed the right one!

1 - I've changed career paths four times so far, not that I'm counting or anything.
Nope - I've pretty much been doing the same thing since graduating college...with writing on the side of course.  :-)

2 - Robert Pattinson will NOT stop calling me. Anyone know how to block his number?
I really, really, really wanted PART of this to be true - particularly the calling part.  The blocking the number was the dead give away...LOL!

3 - Speaking of Robert, I would never go to a Twilight viewing wearing cheesy t-shirts.
I totally did go to the New Moon movie, cheesy T-shirt and all.  My saying of choice?  Give Blood, Save a Vampire.  Yes, I was that older woman.  And I was okay with it.  :-)

4 - Dustin Pedroia nodded at me once during a game. I took it as his acceptance that we were meant to be...I mean, if we both weren't already married and stuff. He felt it.
THIS IS IT!!!  For those that don't know it yet, I'm a total Red Sox baseball nut.  I'm getting excited as the spring training begins and the season is almost here.  The hubs fully supports my Pedroia obsession.  And this really did happen...hubs can back me up on it.  Granted...he nodded probably more from terror of the crazy lady and her husband, but he nodded all the same.  And, yes, it made my day and I realize this makes me sound insane.  But, again, I'm okay with that too.  For the record, I love all of the Red Sox, not just Pedroia.  And Ellsbury is particlularly nice to look at and watch...when he steals a base...particularly home...very, very hard not to swoon.  

But I got distracted a bit, didn't I?  It happens.  Moving on... 

5 - I once saw Stephen King running alongside the road on a visit to Maine.
I really wanted this one to be true too because I adore Stephen King!  This is one of my fantasy moments that has never happened...except for in my mind.  I actually have never been to Maine but it's on my list of to-do's. 

And with that...I'm off to work.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

I'm going to try to get some very writerly things done this weekend...particularly hoping to find time to work on my two WIP's but we'll see...



  1. Ok, the gloves are off now.
    You can have Pedroia but Ellsbury is MINE. LOL!

  2. Fantastic. I love this award that makes people lie. ;)

    Great to know more about you--or not about you, I'm not sure which!


  3. I’m ready for the weekend. This week had been chaotic. I’m hoping right now to do a little catching up on my blogs. I missed out on guessing yesterday, I would have guessed #3.

  4. Swing and a miss. Nuts...I thought I had it for sure.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I was SO hoping it would be the Dustin Pedroia one!! Yay! That is too cool. :-)

  6. Sorry I missed these yesterday! I was on the road.

    And been even more wild if Stephen King was NAKED!

  7. Dang it! I was really hoping I would get your Rob calls. Thanks a lot, Kristi! You just ruined my day!!! Haha.

    Have a great weekend! ; )

  8. I knew it wasn't the Rob one, cause he doesn't have time to call anyone else but me, lol.

    I'm just being a sore loser.

  9. OK, so I was totally wrong. I guess that means you wrote your lies well ;) But your truth was pretty cool, too. Lucky you :)

  10. Jennifer - I love it! Okay, okay...I was getting a bit selfish, I suppose I can share. LOL!

    Michele - Me too...I really love reading the lies as much as the truths!

    Holly - Can you believe it's already over??? Boo for the work week! LOL!

    DL - Nice~

    Shannon - I'm so glad I finally found a reason to tell that story. :-)

    Diane - TOTALLY AGREE! Why didn't I think of that???

    Kim - and me both! :-)

    Amy - love it! That Rob gets around, doesn't he?

    Carol - thanks! I tried my best to be sneaky! LOL!

  11. dude, i have dreamed of the same moment. I want to be driving down the country road from maine and see s. king walking down the road ( the urge really came from the scene in the dark tower series-I cannot rid my subconscious of the image.) by the by- thank you for checking the blog out ;P