Friday, March 26, 2010

And the Twilight Contest winner is....

I feel like a moment of silence may be needed in honor of using Kim's cool contest graphic for the last time.
**insert dramatic pause here**

It's finally here - Kim and I are ready to announce the Twilight/New Moon contest winners. 

How exciting is that?! So very exciting!

But I'll go ahead and admit that judging this contest was no easy task! Actually, it was impossible. Kim and I loved all of the entries so much that we had no other choice than to let someone else do the judging for us (all judges will remain unnamed and have now been enrolled in JPP--Judging Protection Program. You know, just in case.)

I guess we're wimpy or something. But hey, we should get some credit. We did narrow it down to four entries--which was so incredibly HARD! (You should feel sorry for us! You do, don't you?)

Are you ready?  Are you feeling it?  Do you have your Edward and Jacob game faces on?

Here we go:

First up, we have the second place winner, who has earned:
$10 Starbucks Gift Card, New Moon Sweethearts and Twilight buttons--TEAM JACOB!

But wait! Before I announce the second place winner, I want to share with you what this lovely lady wrote.

He wrapped his arms around me tight, fire trailed up my spine. I squirmed to slip away, but let's face it, I was nothing but a toothpick between his fingers.

His breath snaked along my neck and in my ear. "Bella," he hummed.

"Mmm?" I closed my eyes and fell into his spell, remembering runs through the forest at break-neck speed, me clinging on for dear life, bounding from boulder to boulder. What more did I want out of life?

His lips crushed to mine in one powerful motion, my heart pounding so loudly that vampires in the next county were sure to hear. But I had no reason to be afraid... not anymore.

"Bella," he said again. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Jacob."

His hands released me in a fury. My eyes opened just in time to see his body fling back twenty feet, leaves twirling in his wind.

"It's Edward, Bella! I'm Edward!"

"I, uh," am and idiot? "I have to go."

LOL! Isn't that funny?!

I'm sure the winner already knows who she is, but I'll go ahead and tell everyone, because we all can't be mind readers like Edward. (Ha!)

And the Second Place Winner of the Twilight Contest is...........

YAY, Kristin! Please email Kim at with your address so she can mail out your prizes (and your Team Jacob buttons!)!!!!

Okay, so the time has finally come to announce the Grand Prize Winner, who will win the fabulous prizes below.....
Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Autographed Twilight Photo
a $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
And the uber awesome, creative, cool winning entry is......

The Beauty and the Beast and Edward Scissorhands

Belle entered her new classroom and sat in the only seat available. As she patted her yellow dress down, she sneaked a sideways glance at her new science partner and took a seat. The boy slid towards the window making a large clanking noise that sounded like metal screeching against metal. The whole class turned to look at the two of them. Belle couldn’t stop staring at the sharp metal spikes protruding from the boy’s hands. She licked her lips and quickly thought of her hundreds of knives at home that put Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s knife collection to shame. This is one boy that could put another notch on her belt (with his own hands of course). And he would be pretty handy as a science partner come frog dissection time.

The boy with the sharp hands and crazy head of hair stared outside, stared at Mr. Case at the front of the classroom, stared at anything but Belle during the entire hour of science. This only intrigued Belle more. Who was this interesting boy that she suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about?

After school Belle took her time walking home to the dark and damp castle. She had been there two weeks, and Forks still didn’t feel like home yet. As she pushed open the heavy front door, she heard the shuffling of large, hairy feet.

“Belle, my beauty, you are home from school! I finally fixed your bicycle. It is in tip top shape for your next ride to the cliffs. It has a basket, bell, and streamers!”

Belle looked up at the Beast. He was a good beast, and he loved her so. But he was like a brother to her. A brother whose fur seemed to always smell like wet beast with the nonstop rain in their new town.

“Thank you, Beast,” Belle said as she kissed his cheek. “You are too kind. If you don’t mind, I’m going to head up to my room to do homework.”

Belle left a confused, but understanding Beast with Mrs. Potts in the dining room.

Belle lifted her skirt with one hand and took Lumiere with the other to light the way up the long, winding staircase to her bedroom. She set the candelabra on the table next to her prized knife collection. She watched the flames dance in the reflection of the silver blades until she flinched upon hearing a noise outside. It sounded like metal scraping against stone.

Lumiere warned Belle not to approach the window, but Belle couldn’t help herself. She leaned out and a blade slashed the sleeve of her gown. She gasped, but then caught the bicep of the boy climbing up the stone walls of the castle. The boy from science. He looked bewildered and nervous, but asked ever so softly, “May I come in?”

Belle yanked his arm upwards and the boy clanked into the room.

“Belle! No!” Lumiere shouted.

“What is going on up there?” boomed the Beast from the bottom of the stairs. “Belle, are you okay?”

Belle heard a loud footstep. She peeked out the door. “Beast! I’m fine. I just knocked over my collection. I need to clean it up. Please. I’ll be down for dinner.”

Belle shut the door and fell in a heap on the floor with her yellow dress surrounding her like a parachute. She turned to the boy. He was shaking in the corner, his forehead beaded with sweat.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” she demanded with a smile.

“Belle! He’s dangerous!” Lumiere squeaked. Belle whipped a knife towards the candelabra, slicing the tallest candle.

She turned to the boy in the corner. “Who are you?”

“I am Edward,” he replied.

She crawled seductively toward him, he relaxed and reached out to caress her arm. The dagger drew a line of blood on her arm. Belle hated the sight of blood. She shuddered as he traced the line with his tongue.

Edward looked up and flashed a shy, boyish grin. Belle knew she had waited all of her life this boy. She ran her fingers through his unkempt hair as he stared at her.

“You should stay here tonight, Edward. The Beast would never come up here without my permission. He’s actually quite the gentleman.”

“I shall stay and watch you sleep,” Edward replied.

::The wild crowd cheers for the winner::

Congrats, Kelly! Please email Kim at with your address so she can mail out your prizes!!!!

Once again, Kim and I want to thank all of our wonderful followers for (humoring us and our Twilight obsession) participating. All of the entries were FABULOUS, and we only wish we could have given a prize to each and every one of you!

Also a huge THANKS and lots and lots of PRAISE and HUGS to Kim, who honestly rocked this contest while I sat lazily by and let her do all the work.  :-)

And with that said, I'll leave you with a video from one of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie, whose song Meet me on the Equinox was showcased in NEW MOON!

Have a great weekend everyone and happy writing!


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