Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow. Crazy Cool Stuff.

Here's a little run down of my weekend.  I took Friday off from work and headed to IKEA, which is about two hours from my house.  I LOVE to walk around the store and look at all the cool stuff they have but I rarely ever end up buying too much...okay, well, exept for that one time that I bought the super cool filing cabinet for my office that I love, and the wine rack, and the really cool mirror...okay, wait...I'm getting off track.  I really went all that way to get something very small:
What is this?  Just a cloth box with a zipper that I can't seem to find anywhere else.  I love these things!  Bought three of them on Friday.  They are perfect for storing things and have the little slot for a label.  The dork in me is thrilled with these boxes.

The outlet mall just happens to be nearby so after some additional shopping (finally found Pride and Prejudice with Keira!  Woo hoo!) and dinner we headed home.  All in all a good day but nothing compared to Saturday.

Saturday I FINALLY saw AVATAR!  And yes, I realize everyone else has most likely already seen this movie and I'm beind the times, but, if like me, you are busy and find it hard to find the time to go watch a three hour movie, I have to tell you:  this is worth it and you really DON'T want to miss seeing it in the theater.  I actually went to the IMAX theater and it was truly amazing.  It really does live up to the hype.  The 3-D is just spectacular and the story leaves you a bit speechless.  I had dreams of this movie after watching it and still love to relive the adventure in my head.  It was done really well and I found it very moving.

And the glasses were not nearly as hideous as I had imagined...or were they?  Me and my sister:

     I can't resist posting one of the hubs:
Sunday never had a chance at beating out the coolness of Saturday.  And because I had taken two full days to enjoy myself, well, the guilt won.  I can't stand not making progress and feeling lazy so I decided this morning to finally start painting our bedroom.  We bought the paint a week ago and it's been sitting there waiting on me to get up the nerve to go through with it. 

The first coat is done.  That, in itself, seems like a battle has been won tonight.  I always forget how much hard work painting really is.  It should seriously be a sport.  Maybe I'm out of shape.  Okay, yes, I AM out of shape, but the fact that painting makes my arms feel like jello is just sad.  It took us about three to four hours to tape, cut in with a paintbrush, and roll the entire room.  And we even had to run out for more paint.  Another fun thing we do:  underestimate.  We're hoping the next gallon will be enough for the second coat we'll be putting on tomorrow.  The good news?  I will sleep well tonight.  Oh, and so far, it looks amazing.  Love the color.  I'll try to post some before and after photos once we're done.  I love those.  I watch way TOO much HGTV and DIY network. 

Considering the fact that I also managed to work out all three days (2 miles Friday, 2 miles Saturday and 3 miles this morning) on top of painting...well, needless to say, I'm feeling pretty beat right now.    

How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?  Have you seen Avatar?  Did you love it? 



  1. YAY! Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I am the same way when I go to Ikea... I rarely buy anything. But that store is so fun to look at ! : )

    And I still haven't seen Avatar, but I really want to. Guess I'm behind on the times, too. I did see Shutter Island this weekend (sigh, Leo will you please marry me???) and it was fantastic!

    I hope you have a great Monday!

  2. Glad you had such a great weekend and that you're finally getting some of your painting done!! Good girl!!
    And good girl exercising!! I need to get back on that! I've been discouraged/lazy... something I said I'd never be again. I lied to myself.
    YAY for Pride and Prejudice!!
    I still haven't seen Avatar... I just can't see sittin in a theater for that long on a movie that doesn't even look good. It looks silly, and several people that I know who've seen it said it's dumb, you just go to watch the effects... is it REALLY worth 3 hours of my life that I could be writing????? ehhhhh. Maybe I'll rent it. Glad to hear you liked it though... Still thinking...

  3. I saw Avatar twice! Glad you finally made time for that awesome movie.

    And you have an award at my blog today.

  4. No, haven't seen Avatar.

    But did give you an award. :)

  5. Fun weekend! I too am in the club that hasn't seen Avatar and geeks out about organizer bins. LOL!

    You have an award on my blog. :)

  6. Ikea is wonderful - my family jokes that I'm responsible for keeping them in business!

    My weekend? The Olympics. I watched, I screamed, I bit my nails. I cried with joy along with all my fellow Canadians.

  7. your 3D glasses were like 8x bigger than mine were!

  8. There are no IKEA's where we live, never been in one, so I guess I'm missing out. Those IMAX 3-D glasses look like the type of sunglasses that are popular nowadays. Geeez!!

    Painting...*making a cross with my fingers*...evil I say, evil!

    Have a great week.

  9. I haven't seen Avatar, but I heard the graphics were AMAZING.


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