Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The nicest rejection letter EVER and some LOST theories... I really want to talk a little about LOST but first I thought it would be fun to share a rejection letter I received a few weeks ago.  I if rejections are ever "fun".  BUT I really liked this one.  I submitted my manuscript to this publishing company 10/21/2009 and found this rejection in my inbox 1/22/2010.  I checked their listing in Writer's Market and it seems like a perfectly normal wait time for a submission.  For all I know this could be a form letter type of rejection but as for getting rejected, it made me feel the nicest way possible. 

Ms. Chestnutt,

Let me begin by thanking you for the opportunity to review "The Wolf Within." It is evident that you have invested a great deal of time and effort developing your story.

Regrettably, after review and much discussion by our staff, we have concluded that your submission is not the right fit for us at ***name removed***

I am very sorry not to have happier news for you, but we hope it does not discourage you from pursuing other avenues with your writing.

Thank you again for the opportunity to review your submission and your patience in awaiting our response. We hope you will consider us again for your future projects.

***Name removed***

Is it just me or was this the perfect way to let someone down?  It actually made me want to submit work to them at a later date purely because of their "niceness" factor.  It has the appearance of being tailored to me and sounding sincere but it's anyone's guess as to if it really is or if this is a form letter.  Bravo!

And most of you know or will have the pleasure of knowing what a process it is to query and send out letters/emails concerning your manuscirpt. The research alone that most of us put in before sending is exhausting.  And don't get me started on the dreaded query letter!  I've found that the Writer's Market Online website is a terrific place to keep things organized.

On to more important matters - the LOST with caution:

Sooo....I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed with the premiere.  The first hour was only so-so for me but the second hour attempted to make up for it. 

First of all - if they showed the scene with Juliet and Sawyer one more time I may have lost it.  And no wonder it was two hours long, they had to cram everything in between over an hour of commercials.  I may start recording this and watching it later for that very reason.  It drives me insane.  The commercial breaks were longer than the actual footage we saw in between.  Ridiculous.  I'm too addicted for this kind of torture.  Show me the show already!  (clearly patience is an issue)

I think I see where they are going with this and it seems a little weak and wimpy.  In effect because the bomb worked we are now going to see two separate time lines of events.  The past survivors who because of the bomb never actually crashed and went about their sad little lives and the future survivors who saved the day but instead of being transported back in time as they thought would happen are now living out their time still on the island.  Way to give everyone what they want and not choose....seriously trying not to be irritated by this.  It seems like a wimpy way to go to me. But in effect I guess we can see how those people needed the island and how they were all better for it.  It is quite heartbreaking to see all of our beloved characters not knowing one another at all and being perfect strangers.  Ouch!

So assuming that blowing up the bomb worked (as Juliet says it did) - the writer's had to make sure Juliet died.  Because I'm betting that she is alive and well on the island somewhere and we will see her again.  Only it will be the Juliet who never met the survivors.

This whole plot is getting a little too hard to follow for my taste and I wish they would just simplify it a bit and focus on the awesome characters.  I know, I know...whine.  Pity party for myself.  I did LOVE the bit about Jacob and the big mean smoke machine dude.  Nice twist for sure.  And the temple was cool.  I love Hugo and he's one of my favorites.  I guess all in all it was okay but I would have preferred a little more drama and a little less time travel/changing the past/future story line.  That's getting old for me.  Answers....I want answers.  And less commercials.

Feel free fellow LOST fans to let me know how you liked it.  Did you love it?  Are you following it?  Were you let down at all?

Oh well..time for work and crit group tonight.  Going to be a long day but hopefully a fun one.  I'm worn out from staying up too late watching this show!  Urgh...something I never thought I would say!

Happy Hump Day everyone!
Kristi :-)  


  1. That's a pretty sweet letter! My favorites are the ones that actually dig into my story and tell me exactly what parts they didn't like. It's so much easier to fix and revise my manuscript after getting those!

    Congrats on the gem rejection. Form letter or not, it does sound nice.

  2. That WAS a nice rejection!

    Okay, on to LOST. (i'm sure I'll blog about this later too!) Dissappointed? Yes, yes I was. And I agree about the Sawyer/Juliet scene. Everytime she was yelling that she loved him, something inside my body quaked and I was seriously about to blow snot bubbles.
    When he finally found her, and she said, do you want to get coffee sometime? I was almost wondering if she was seeing herself meeting him in an alternate reality or something. But this is too confusing to dwell on. (I do know she'll come back later on, because I saw an interview with the actress who plays her :)
    Ugh...too much to complain about in this little space... I'll blog about it!

  3. That WAS a nice rejection. Like you say if might be a form letter, but they took the time to be kind. We need more of that in this world.

  4. Oh my word, thank you for sharing this. What a lovely rejection letter (why do I feel like an idiot saying this? ha!). Seriously, it's hard to even get upset at one like that.

    As for Lost, I'm a bit lame, I think. I've never watched an episode. I know, I know. But to my credit, I don't really watch much TV. I know, I know...lame.

  5. It's a form rejection letter, but as you said, it's a nice one!

    Never watched Lost, although my husband said he'll rent it from NetFlix when he can watch every episode in order all the way to the end.

  6. Oooh, great rejection. But still, sorry, nonetheless.

  7. That was a really nice letter. I am in the process of ripping my hair out over my query letter. How did you know when you had it? I've submitted it to be hacked apart on submit your work sites but I'm still uncertain. I want to scream.

    Ok, onto better things. Lost was good but I agree, they should have picked one way to go. I thought the final season would bring answers but all I have are more questions. I have to say though, I've hated the first episode of every season of lost and then loved the rest. So I'm sure it will be awesome!

  8. That is like the nicest rejection ever. I hope mine are all that nice and not just: [insert laughing box here because laughing on paper just doesn't come across the same].

    Yeah...anyway. I so can't wait to see how this whole LOST thing ends. Hopefully I won't be lost. ; )

  9. Ok, I am planning to buy the whole Lost show because I tried to start it midway through and got completely (ha!) LOST!

    But to the letter...You are right. That IS the nicest rejection letter I've ever read. Because of the way it made you feel, I would imagine they don't send it to just anyone. Then they would have re-subs from all the crazies out there!

    Good for you for seeing the positive.