Monday, February 15, 2010


I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday!  My weekend was exactly what I needed but I'll post more about that later.... 

First things first this morning - HERE IT IS!  *as I hold my breath, waiting to hear what you all think* 

I've already mentioned that I adore my cover but what do you all think???  To me it's simple, classic, falls in line with my story and well, ROCKS!  But I tend to be a bit biased.  Imagine that.

Also - I'm thinking of doing a blog tour for my book.  So far I have Kim and Kristin lined up for interviews.  Let me know if anyone else would like to do this and I'll add you to my list.  I'm hoping to add the dates and blogs to my site shortly.  Just comment me and I'll get in touch with you ASAP to set something up. 

In celebration of many things:  my anniversary, valentine's day, TWW being finalized...the hubs and I headed off to the slopes EARLY saturday morning for a day of skiing/snowboarding at Wintergreen in Virginia.  The drive was only about three and a half hours and we made it in excellent time.  It had actually snowed here in NC the night before we left so the drive was spectacular in and of itself with few cars on the road and gorgeous scenery all around.  Even with a stop at Chick-fil-a and for gas, we made it right at opening time. 

Off subject for a moment:  do any of you find yourself trying to "beat" your GPS when you travel?  Shave off minutes here and there???  The hubs and I are obsessed.  Strangely Saturday morning, even with the snowy/icy road conditions...we kept beating our time.  It would just fall off.  Even when we were going below the speed limit.  It was the STRANGEST thing.  Like we were in a time warp and no matter what we did, our arrival time stayed the same.  Perhaps we watch too much Sci-Fi?  Perhaps.  But still, it was strange.  It said we'd arrive at 9:05 when we pulled out of our driveway and even with stops and road conditions (saw three accidents on the way...thank goodness for 4-wheel drive) - we STILL arrived at 9:10.

Anyhoo - Yes, I am still alive and No, I didn't try any tricks.  It was much too crowded for that.  We had a good time but it didn't take long for the lift lines to become increasingly long as our patience began to dwindle.  We ended up skiing/riding for about 4 hours before calling it quits.  It was the perfect amount of time and probably all my body could have taken.  I hurt everywhere.  Back, shoulders, abs, LEGS! 

After our first run my right foot was cramping so bad we had to stop and stretch!  I had forgotten how much work snowboarding can be.  You literally have to sit on the ground to lock your bindings around your boot before you can even get going....then once at the bottom of the slope, you have to remove one foot (the left for me...I'm what you call "goofy"...seriously...that's waht you call it when you lead with your right foot...totally fits me though) and push with the other (much like a skateboard) and get on the lift with one foot in, one foot out.  You skiiers have it me.  The good news was that it really is like riding a bike...I hadn't been out in about 3 years and it all came back to me.  If felt REALLY good coming down the mountain.  Even my legs burning didn't stop me.  My muscles ached but the feeling of the cold air rushing past as I carved was just....priceless.  Aaahhhh...just remembering that feeling is relaxing.

However, even after attempting the black diamond slope that used to be my favorite (a bit more scary than I remembered!)...I actually took a pretty good fall on our LAST RUN of the day.  On a blue.  We were headed back to where we parked the car when...well, it happened so fast I'm not even sure what really happened.  I must have leaned back too far and grabbed an edge...without warning I was on the ground, flipped backward, my hat and goggles a few feet behind me.  Hubs missed the whole thing.  I actually had to take a moment to catch my breath, scoot back, grab my things and well, laugh.  Of course it would be the last run.  I have a lovely bruise, actually TWO bruises on my upper left leg.  Not sure how they got there but the dull pain reminds me that they are there.  All in all a successful trip.  I actually kind of like getting bruises when I go...reminds me that I'm tough.  Weird.  I know.  I make no excuses for it.  But every time a bruise pops up I automatically think....awesome....

And so after that exciting Saturday, what did we do Sunday?  Absolutely nothing.  And it was glorious.  We went shopping, made dinner (red wine/breaded fish/peas/butternut squash) and finished watching the mini-series Lost in Austen.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this series.  Thanks to Kristin for getting me addicted.  I only wished it were longer.  If you love Pride and Prejudice you have got to see this.  I could go on and on but I'm running out of time.  Don't tell my husband - but I am in love with some Mr. Darcy...and possibly Wickham as well.  Mmmmmmm...

Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday...come back for my first Teaser Tuesday tomorrow where I'll share my latest work in progress.  And definitely let me know what you think about the cover!

happily broken and bruised,



  1. Glad to hear you had a great weekend. I really like your cover. I can't wait to read the book:)

  2. Can't wait to see the cover even bigger so I can see the details on the wolf!

    Yes, wasn't the NC snow beautiful? The perfect snow - clung to everything but the road.

    And we are off shopping today for my b-day, which is tomorrow.

  3. The cover is awesome. Yeah!
    Your snow trip sounds like so much fun (well, up until the end).

  4. I adore your cover. (: Though wolves always have been a favorite of mine so that would probably make be biased even though I didn't write the book. XD

    Sounds like you had a fun time. Haha...I don't have a GPS but I think I'd try to beat it to. XD

  5. LOVE the cover!!!!!

    And eeep on the bruises. But you had fun and that's great! :)

  6. The cover looks great. I like how the wolf kind of blurs as you look at it. So excited for you to get your book out there!

  7. Your cover is beautiful!!! Like you said, it's very simple but classy. I love it!!!

  8. Love the cover!!

    And SO glad to hear you liked Lost in Austen. See why I go on and on about it??? It's SO good. (And I'm right there with you about Wickham!)

    Sounds like you had a great time snowboarding!! Glad to see you came back in one piece!

  9. I love the cover! Now I'm getting really excited for the release date, which I'm sure you are too!!! You should stop by my blog on your tour. I would love to have you on there.

  10. Sorry to say the cover does not appleal to me. If you love it that's what matters.
    I wish you only the best; hope your book takes off.


  11. I LOVE your cover, Kristi. It turned out FANTASTIC! Can't wait for my interview with you. It's going to be tons-o-fun! : D

  12. The cover is AWESOME...with a capital AWE...and a capital SOME!! It will defintely pull some readers in just from the appearance.

    As far as the skiing trip goes, let's just say I skimmed that part for fear of breaking out in tears.

    Whats a blog tour? Is it something I can help with even though I'm not published...or have an agent...or finished my book yet...or incapable of writing a query letter that doesn't make me sound mentally challenged? Huh?

  13. congrads on great cover :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  14. Thanks everyone for the GREAT comments! I love each and every one of them!!! (and yes...even yours Jeff!!! all feedback is welcome!)

  15. The cover is beautiful, Kristi!