Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Confession and Awards Day!!! UPDATED!

Confession:  Something may be wrong with me.  Seriously.  Wrong.  I cried not once.  Not twice.  But three times last night while watching TV.  I know...TV?  Yes...even I am shocked.  It's a television conspiracy and there is a plot against me.  They were going after the heart strings last night and I failed to protect them!  Granted...this wasn't an all out earth shattering, shaking uncontrollably, type of cry...but tears slid out when I tried to hold them back so I think it counts as weird.

First there was American Idol (I know...not a normal tear jerker)...I think it was the part about the young 16 year old with the Downs Syndrome (sp?) brothers who got me.  She's so sweet and humble with an amazing voice and she didn't make it.  I kind of thought she should...and not even because she gives so much of herself at a young age for her siblings but because she actually had an amazing voice.  She didn't perform well this time and even though you could tell she was amazing, they chose to cut her loose.  My heart ached and the tears slid down.

To continue the conspiracy there was the entire scene in Lost last night with pregnant Claire and her baby.  I can't remember which part got me the most...Kate opening up the bag of baby items after mugging Claire and realizing she did something wrong or when Claire thought something was wrong with her baby and wigged out, calling him Aaron.  I think it was the latter.  The mommy in me ached and the tears were even bigger than with American Idol.  And don't get me started on LOST.  They answered nothing.  I did like the way they finally focused on the characters but the one hour show seemed to go no where. 

Moving on...the hubby and I decided to watch that new show we DVR'ed after the Superbowl - Undercover Boss.  It had a cool premise and I was interested to see what it was about.  At one point the President/CEO is on the back of a dump truck picking up trash in a neighborhood (he worked for Waste Management) and a woman comes out to say hello to his employee and read her a note she wrote.  She is obviously handicapped in some way and it was so, so sweet.  Broke my heart and his too.  His daughter is mentally handicapped and he broke down right there in front of the camera crying.  As did I.  To make it even better, the Superbowl cut into the beginning of the show so we weren't even able to watch the ending.  Around the time he was about to confess his identity and talk about his experience the show stopped recording.  Talk about frustrating! 

If I thought banishing "Extreme Makeover" would solve my heart ache with watching television I was clearly wrong.  They were out to get me last night and they succeeded!

Moving on to much happier news...I received some new awards!  Yay me!  My collection is growing!  So thank you to Michele for the Sugar Doll award!  So sweet! 

This one comes with requirements...I now have to tell you 10 things about myself.  I'm running out of time so I'm going to go with 5.  Generally speaking I'm a total rule follower but I'm feeling rebellious today after the television betrayal.
1 - It's my anniversary today!
2 - I love to snowboard and the hubby and I are going this Saturday for our anniversary...been a long time and I am THRILLED to get back to the slopes!  (And to have some precious time alone...thank you Grandpa for babysitting!!!)
3 - I still haven't seen Avatar!  Planning on going to the IMAX theater this weekend as well...I'm SO behind on the times.
4 - I LOVE those strawberry cream peeps that only come out around Valentine's Day.  I hate normal peeps but there is something special about these.  I have already had an entire pack.  So much for eating healthy!  Darn the holidays!
5 - I drive a bright orange car.  I think it's why the Starbucks people remember me everywhere I go.  You can't hide.  But you can ALWAYS find your car in the parking lot.  I like it and it suits me but I realize that's odd.

Thanks go out to both Kim and DL for this next award...The Over The Top Award.  This award comes with a questionnaire that must be completed with one-word answers only. So…here goes.

Your cell phone: Motorola Q
Your hair: OOC
Your mother: loud
Your father:  me
Your favorite food: sushi
Your dream last night: none
Your favorite drink: Coffee!!!!
Your dream goal:  Agented
What room are you in: Office
Your hobby:  writing (hello!)
Your fear: Snakes
Where do you see yourself in 6 years:  surprise me
Where were you last night: home
Something you aren't: liar
Muffins: all
Wish list item: Agent
Where did you grow up: Military
Last thing you did: Shower
What are you wearing: boring
Your TV: Plasma
Your pets: dogs
Friends: awesome
Your life: busy
Your mood: hopeful
Missing someone: sister
Vehicle: orange
Something you aren't wearing: nailpolish
Your favorite store: Bestbuy!!!
Your favorite color: Purple
When was the last time you laughed: morning
Last time you cried: night
Your best friend: hubby
One place you go over and over: Thesaurus
Facebooking: yeppers
Favorite place to eat: home
Time to pass it on but I'm out of time!  You'll have to stay in suspense until lunch time when I can come back and finish!  Muaw HA HA!  (my pathetic attempt at an evil laugh)

Lunch time update:
The Sugar Doll Award goes to (drum roll please)
Kim - because she never ceases to make me smile and I love her bubbly personality and her blog rocks
DL - another favorite blog and I'm highly entertained to give a guy such a girly award
Jen - she had a quote up the other day that I adored and she is one lovely lady...another blog addiction of mine
Shannon - I'm disappointed someone beat me to it but Shannon always has some encouraging notes for writers and is another favorite of mine
Kelly - a new favorite of mine!  I love this lady!  Cracks me up and always has something fun!
Guinevere - She's a Red Sox fan.  Enough said!  Her blog is nice too it's just that the Red Sox actually trump everything in my world.  ;-)

The Over the Top Award goes to...
Kristin - I thought I was good at multi-tasking until I met Kristin.  She is insane!  (in a totally good way)  An amazing writer/ name it, she probably does it on the side!
Jade - Seriously funny stuff here.  Her post on finding an agent is awesome enough to deserve this award by itself...but she ALWAYS manages to be funny and entertaining.  Love it!
Eva -  I have actually NEVER been to her blog and been disappointed.  She's a machine.  Amazing stuff every time I visit and how she puts something new and beautiful up almost every single day is quite worth of this "over the top" award.
Elana -  I honestly think the fact that she loves writing query letters is enough of a reason for an award, but her blog is just as awesome as she is
Holly - another new favorite of mine!  Holly always has something interesting to say or something beautiful to look at.  Love her blog!

**Now if you don't recognize any of the people above you need to go visit!  Go!  Seriously!

It's time for lunch...and some blog surfing...
Happy hump day everyone!!!


  1. Omg..I was so disappointed with LOST too. After the first few seasons it sorta went down hill. They have sooo much explaining yet to do it's not funny.

  2. should buy stock in Kleenex. :)

    As for LOST, like I do with all the books I read, I withhold judgement until the final page is turned. Individual chapters may drag or irritate, but its how everything pulls together at the end that will be the key.

    Loved your answers! A few of them even looked familiar. :P

  3. What usually gets me in TV shows if something happens to a child. On my soap a few years back, the mc's daughter died, I sobbed!
    Love your list! That is too funny that you have a bright orange car! I will finally see Avatar on Friday with my son, hubby, and my dad.
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. I get this way sometimes, too, just feeling all weepy--hair trigger crying response. Not sure what causes it, but apparently something's made you more sensitive lately. I'm sure it'll pass. Until then <>

    Congrats on your award, by the way! Love that you drive an orange car. I drive a boring silver one.

  5. Happy anniversary!!

    Amercian Idol got me too. I felt they should have given her another chance. It was the wrong song choice, but she has a good voice. Wah. I'm going to cry again.

  6. Thank you!! And congrats on your award!!

    I cry at stupid things too. Like last year, I cried during the Melbourne Cup (big horse race) just because the jockey was so excited to win! Lol!

  7. You got me at the strawberry cream peeps! Seriously. I'm a chocolate gal myself, but those just sound wicked good!

    Congrats on the awards, and enjoy the slopes!!

  8. It's that just the pits when TV makes you cry. Congrats on the awards and thanks too and...

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. aww you're so sweet! Thanks!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    I'm with DL on the LOST situation. I'm just gonna tough it up, and get through the season, THEN I'll decide how I feel about it.

    But seriously, Sawyer almost had me bawling right along with him. UGH! Beautiful men crying... not helpful to the heartstrings.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I agree with Kristin, I'm just going to tough it out. I can't not watch it!

    But seeing my hunky jungle man (Sawyer) cry last night made my heart hurt. : (

    And Kristi, you're such a Sugar Doll!! Thanks for the award. You're so sweet!

  11. Let's hope hump-day gets better that it started...

  12. Thanks for all the well wishes and comments everyone...they never cease to make my day!!! Seriously like fun little nuggets I get in my inbox throughout the day!

    And I'm with everyone on LOST. I'm to the point that I'm tired of guessing and just need to enjoy the story, wherever it takes me. I DO love the characters.

    DL - I told you we were alike! I didn't even bother changing some of them...I just nodded my head in agreement!

    Kelly - me too! something about the kids and men crying get me every time! especially the tough men crying..I'm a sucker for that!

    Jennifer - SO glad I wasn't alone on the American Idol whining! Some of the humble contestants break my heart...seeing their spirits broken when they do so much KILLS me. And then I go back for more...

    Kristin and Kim - TOTALLY forgot about Sawyer but that scene was great. I kind of liked seeing him like this, broken and weepy, although I have to admit that I really loved the hot steamy cage days!

  13. Ahh, you are too awesome! Congrats on the award and thanks for thinking of me. I love LOST, I still have hope for it.

  14. Congrats on the Award!!

    I totally agree with you on the girl from American Idol! She did deserve another chance. I was shocked over that one...

  15. Happy Anniversary, and glad we connected. Have fun snowboarding!

  16. If it makes you feel any better I cry all the time at American Idol. It's a mixture of me feeling bad for people, and feeling happy they're so close to their dream.

  17. Kristi, I also had a tear in my eye when the CEO started crying on TV. It touched my heart as I have a son with a disability. I thought it was amazing that he had such a great heart.

    -I came over from Mary's page!

  18. Hey! I love new faces! Welcome! AND so glad I'm not the only television softy! Something about the reality tv - when you can tell some people are honest, good people...well, it pulls the heart strings every time.