Monday, January 25, 2010

The Wolf Within Prize Pack Give-away!!!!

Reading progress:  Blew this goal out of the water.  My curiosity got the best of me and I started Beautiful Creatures...can't put it down.  Was up until 11:30 last night reading and am already a quarter of the way through.  I forgot how fun it was to be addicted to a book.  I even read it in between painful plays of the Vikings vs Saints football game.  Poor Favre.

Today's the day for my "The Wolf Within" Prize Pack Give-away!!!

Here's what's up for grabs:
*An autographed copy of The Wolf Within
*A $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
*A $5 Starbucks Gift Card (because I believe coffee and a good book go hand in hand)

The winner will be drawn on the release date for my book, February 25th, 2010 and announced via my first vlog (hopefully)!  What do you have to do to be entered?  Really not much.  I'm of the opinion that it's much more fun to win free stuff for doing nothing than having to work hard for it.  Plus, I'm a bit lazy.  So all you need to do to be entered is
(1) be a follower of this site and
(2) comment on this post and tell me to enter you in the the drawing! 

That's it!  I seriously love having give-aways!  It's like Christmas all over again.  But in reverse.   

And as promised, here's another teaser from the book:


As I drove away from Gwyn yet again I felt a renewed energy that had long been dormant. I still couldn’t believe I had kissed her at Lily’s. That certainly hadn’t been part of my plan. This wasn’t really working with my goal of trying to keep a low profile and not get too involved.

I had been in a panic over the Chief’s latest news and when she showed up and was ready to go, it just happened. Her words and thoughtfulness had grounded me and pulled me back in such a natural way that my instincts took over. I lost control in that moment and acted on pure desire. I felt more alive than I’d felt in quite a while. My soul was being healed and I doubted she even had a clue how this was affecting me. But now was not the time for reminiscing.

I sped up my cycle, knowing I had to get to the crime scene before the important clues I needed were gone.  Timing always played an important role in my gifts…too much time caused evidence to fade away, sometimes resulting in not so much as a lingering scent.

This time the murder had occurred in a nursing home and as I pulled into the parking lot I started trying to get myself into the right headspace for the crime scene. This was always more difficult for me than I felt it should be. It was amazing I had ever gotten into this profession at all. Crime scenes and blood still sent shivers up my spine and made me feel sick to my stomach. I had resolved myself to the fact that in order to help it was a necessary thing to have to see. It was harder to tune my senses without the whiskey (which I’m sure the Chief wouldn’t approve of) and with so many distractions which tended to surround such an event. I parked my bike and walked over to a nearby bench in order to clear my head.

Sitting down slowly, I closed my eyes and took a few deep cleansing breaths. I tried to listen to the wind and the insects, attempting to turn my entire focus towards my natural surroundings in order to block out the human world completely. I tuned out the cars driving by on the adjacent road, the residents talking behind me, a dog in the distance chasing a ball. All these distractions had to be removed for me to truly hone my senses. I imagined myself in a quiet field, in a clearing surrounded by trees, the sun beaming down from above and heating up my entire body.

After a few minutes I felt my shoulders and body begin to relax. My ears could pick up a nearby snake slithering through the bushes…I was almost there. I pushed myself further, tuning out even more distractions and focusing in on my target. When I could smell the blood from where I sat I knew I was ready to go.

I stood up and followed the scent into the nursing home, down the right hallway, to resident room 113. The Chief and his staff were inside and appeared to be waiting on me to arrive. They knew that I worked best when nothing had been tampered with prior to my arrival. They had done a good job of sectioning off the room to the public and keeping a low profile so as not to disturb other residents. Chief Branson knew how I needed to work so as soon as I walked into the room he and his associates left without saying a word, shutting the door as they went.

I again closed my eyes, this time tuning my senses to track the smells of the room. This was by far the most useful piece of evidence I could find after an incident had occurred. I could smell the blood from the victim and guessed that she had been dead around six hours before the police arrived, which meant about seven hours prior to my arrival. I breathed deeper and found the scent I was looking for, the one that was strangely familiar to me. It started right over the body and I knew it belonged to the killer. In the other crime scenes the scent I had found had only been on the victim and around the victim in a one foot radius. All else had been intentionally scrubbed clean so that I couldn’t follow or track him. I knew this was an intentional act meant just for me and the thought still made me nervous.

As I investigated further this scene was proving to be different. The scent actually went away from the body and out of the door of the room. I knew better than to think he had all of a sudden gotten sloppy. Unless someone had interrupted him…was it possible? Did we finally have the break we’d been looking for?

The adrenaline began pumping through my veins and I felt my heartbeat speed up as I threw open the door and made my way into the hallway. I was slightly aware that the Chief and officers were all staring at me as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Focusing again, I caught the scent, but it was lighter…it had already begun to fade and I needed to be fast. I walked to the right and followed it down the long corridor. It had begun to get faint and harder to detect. I took a few steps forward, took a deep breath and feared I had lost it. It must have turned. I looked around and noticed a door a few steps back to the left that appeared to go outside to a courtyard. It was worth a try. I walked to the front of the door and took a deep breath. There it was…barely, but I could tell this was the right direction.

It was harder than I thought to pick my excerpt!  Hope you all enjoy this selection from the book!

This week's goals involve quite a few writing projects:  I have to finish my acknowledgments page, send to my publisher, work on my writing for crit group AND attempt to continue my current work-in-progress.  Some days I wonder if my desire to do too many things has finally caught up to me!  I think my chances are about 50/50 of either (1) completing all tasks and feeling accomplished or (2) finally having a nervous breakdown.  Here's to hoping it's #1!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  Thanks to all of my blogging buddies out there for their support as I publish my first book!  (Who knew actually getting published would be the scary part???)  You all ROCK!

I must go...time for coffee!!!


  1. That's so exciting! Congrats!! It's coming up soon!
    PS. Loved your excerpt!

  2. Absolutely include me! Looking forward to the date.

  3. Kristi,

    I so can't wait to read your teaser. I'll be back to read it as soon as I get off of work! Can't wait!

    Oh and I'm so happy you are loving Beautiful Creatures. If you can believe it, it gets better towards the end. I know. It's hard to believe, right? It's true though!

    Happy Monday. And I'm so excited for you and The Wolf Within!!!

    Be back later!

  4. I'm a follower and I want to be entered! Thanks so much for the chance! :D

  5. OOOOoooo! Very interesting exerpt!

    And count me in for that contest!
    So excited you are a month away )TODAY!) from having your book out! Congrats!!

  6. Wahoo for getting published! Count me in.

  7. OMG!!!! Excellent excerpt. Sucked me right in...kinda creepy, bt in that shivery, I-want-to-read-more way? And I'm super curious about this ability of your mc. Wanna wanna wanna read it!!! Well done. I think you chose just the right excerpt. Where can I get your book?

    And this contest of yours is way too cool. So absolutely, enter me!! As for your release date...I can't believe how quiet you've been. I want to do something to promote your book, girlie. Especially because it sounds so awesome.

    By the way, I left a little award for you at my blog ;)

  8. Me! Me! Me! Enter me! Ohhh, wait, that sounded all wrong. Anyway, your excerpt was great, can't wait to see the whole :)

  9. THAT IS SO COOL. Loved the excerpt. Count me in.

  10. I can't wait for the book. I hope you know I will get it the day it comes out. You must be threilled for February!

  11. You must be beyond excited!
    Intriguing excerpt!
    I popped over here from the Comment Challenge and became a follower :)

  12. Oooh, yes, I liked BC too. Great read.

  13. How exciting -- publication is almost here! Can't wait to read it.
    Please include me in the contest.

  14. LOL. I scrolled down a little far and commented on Friday's post. Opps...

    Anyway, I loved your excerpt and can't wait to get the book! Will February ever get here???

    Okay, I think I commented on the correct day this time. : )

  15. INCLUDE ME!! Even if I don't win I am purchasing your book. Seriously, what an accomplishment!

  16. Thank you all SO MUCH for the feedback! I can't wait to pick a winner!

    Your comments ALWAYS make my day!

  17. Wonderful! I'm a follower. Please include me.

  18. Yay! I seriously want to read/win that book (so does my son). I am already a follower and I love your teasers! :-)

  19. I'm so excited for your book to come out--it's so soon! You must be psyched. And, oh. my. gosh. I really hate teasers some times, you know why? Because they TEASE! So count me in your your contest, but even if I don't win I'll be buying it :)

  20. You guys seriously make my day! I can't wait to pick a winner and thanks so much for all your support! (I always have to really get up the courage to post a teaser!)

  21. Very interesting excerpt! :) I'm not sure if the giveaway is open internationally, but if it is, I'd love to be entered.

    Congrats on the release of your book! :)

  22. Count me in! Congrats!

  23. Count me in... And good luck with your debut, hope you sell hundreds of thousands of copies...

  24. I'm a new follower & I'd love to be included in your giveaway, thank you.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  25. I honestly can't wait...just a few more days! Thanks for all the new entries!!!!

  26. Very interesting! Can't wait for the date. I am a follower and want to be entered.

  27. I'M IN! I'M IN! I'M IN!


    Did I mention I was in?


    Nice excerpt too BTW.


  28. Love the teaser! And what an awesome contest!!! Eek! :D
    Stephanie :)

  29. Hey! I found your blog through Kimberly Franklin's blog. It's GREAT! Count me in for the giveaway (though I'm in Canada, so I'm not sure if I count).

    In any case, I'm a new follower, regardless.


  30. ooo, i'm left wondering...
    count me in to read your fab book and to enter the giveaway. i just became a follower. have a happy release day!

  31. I'm a follower and what a fantastic Give-away! Yes I'd like to be entered please :) How fantastic!

  32. Wow!!! I'm so excited for you! It's a pleasure to meet you just days before your book release date -- HUGE congrats! I loved the excerpt and will look for your book :))

    Thanks for following me, and I'm your new follower!

    Have a fab day!

  33. You're book sounds so cool. I couldn't read the whole excerpt because I didn't want it to give too much away. I've never even heard of Beautiful Creatures; I have to read it now.
    Please enter me in your drawing.
    I'm going to post about your blog on my creative writing blog now.