Thursday, January 28, 2010

A revelation and the return of my coffee guy

So yesterday morning as I arrived at work I pondered what music to select on my IPOD for the day.  I have a small speaker system set up at my desk and I can't work or think without some sort of background noise.  Half of the time I don't really listen to it, but I need it there.  Yesterday I decided on some Robbie Williams and as his music came on I found myself smiling uncontrollably.  I had forgotten how much I loved his stuff and how it puts me in this happy mood just listening to it.  (Please not that the Millenium album is my absolute favorite and you should definitely listen to it).

As I thought about his music, I came upon a sudden revelation.  I should have been British or English.  Seriously.  I'm obsessed.  I've been hoping to vacation there but haven't quite found the funds or time yet.  I have a feeling I will want to stay.

I started making a mental list of all of my favorite things throughout the years:
(in no special order)
*Gavin Rossdale - I had a total obsession with the band Bush in my college years.  I have every album ever put out by the band, many B-sides and imports, an entire magazine collection (no I didn't make an album of just their articles from every magazine I could find...that would be CRAZY), an autographed, framed magazine cover that is displayed in my home (currently in the closet...have to convince hubby on that one), stood in line to get his autograph in person after a concert once, couldn't speak upon meeting him, have EVERY album Gavin himself has come up with since leaving the band Bush.
*James Blunt - own every album he has put out and love his mood and odd voice
*The movie About a Boy is an all time favorite along with Love Actually
*which brings me to Hugh Grant...yummy.  Kind of dorky attractive but something about it works.
*The television show on BBC Top Gear.  This one we recently became addicted to because it is honestly hilarious.  But me, a car show?  Very strange that I love it.
*Bridget Jones's Diary - another British movie and book that I loved. 
*Simon Cowell from American Idol...the show woulnd't be the same without him and you know those of us that watch are mostly wanting to hear his snide comments.  I have a serious soft spot for him.  He's hilarious.
*JK Rowling - who doesn't love the Harry Potter books, seriously? 

These are just a few that came to mind yesterday...apparently I love the British/English.  That coupled with my love of a cold, rainy day makes me wonder if I am possibly on the wrong continent.  Or maybe just have an appreciation for the sexy accents.

In other random news - I saw Starbucks guy yesterday morning and it also made my day.  He's not English but foreign so I think it ties in nicely.  A woman came on the intercom to take my order but before she could finish someone started talking over her and I recognized his voice immediately.  I think his name is Nick.  As I pulled up to the drive-in window he had my coffee ready and as he handed it to me, said "Good morning Gorgeous".  This time there wasn't anything unmistakable about it - it was just a nice, friendly compliment.  And what girl minds being called gorgeous even if she doesn't believe it herself?  He went on to tell me that they had taken him off of the drive thru and put him inside the last few days and he was missing it.  He honestly thrives as a people person.  I told him I guess they were trying to boost inside revenue and he joked that that's what they're telling him but he wasn't really liking it as much.

It was a nice conversation and one that I needed.  I love sharing tidbits in random stranger's lives and the fact that some of them have no problem spilling little things to me.  Hmm...perhaps why I am addicted to blogging?  It's just nice to know that we live in a nice big world where some people who don't know you at all can treat you more like a friend than a stranger.  As you all know Starbucks guy can sometimes push the envelope with my comfort level with his comments but I think now I know...he's just a good guy trying to get people to smile every day.  And I like that.  We should all be more like that.

Speaking of coffee - time to run.  I'm back to my morning posting...I spent last night critiquing for my group and finishing up my selection to send out tonight.  It still needs some work, but each time I take a stab at it, it seems to get better.  Maybe.  Sometimes I honestly don't know.  I'll let the group decide.

Happy Thursday All!


  1. Top of the morning to you, Gorgeous! (oh, wait, that's Irish...) I have noticed that Starbucks employees are usually pretty darn nice. Ours gives my writing group free food at the end of the night! (but I think I'd rather be called gorgeous by a guy with an accent...):)
    I adore Gavin Rossdale too. I just saw him in concert in November and I have never seen so many ladies actually swoon in my life! I'm looking forward to his next solo album which I believe he is working on.
    English accents are so awesome to listen to also (unless Madonna is doing it...).

  2. I love English accents. I'm currently in the process of trying to convince my hubby that he needs to learn one. that would be nice! : )

    That's not weird, right?

    Happy Thursday, Kristi!!!

  3. PLEASE please please watch the BBC mini-series Lost in Austen. Yes it's three hours long (the first time I watched it, I started it at 11pm, expecting to watch it for a bit and turn it off. yeah, I was up until 2am), but it's SO worth it. Especially since you love the Brits so much. Even if you don't love Jane Austen, the movie is fantastic. (I know I push this movie all the time... but it really deserves to be pushed! And I need to know some more people who have actually seen it!)

    I'm glad you're liking your critique group. My post today is mostly about how much I love mine. lol. And how they've encouraged me to the point of feeling incapable. hahaha.

    Coffe guy sounds like a great salesman! lol. Starbucks is lucky to have him!

  4. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, and Love Actually are all in my top ten movie list. I love British humor.

    Oh yeah....Monty Python...LEGENDS!

  5. I am also in the camp of "I think I was born on the wrong side of the pond". I LOVE most anything British and my husband and have talked many time about moving to Great Britain eventually. I just have to convince him (a sun lover) that it's not grey there all the time...(heeeee)

    Happy Thursday,

  6. I love James Blunt and J.K Rowling and Mr. Starbucks guy!!

    Your post made me smile :)

  7. What a sweet Starbucks story.
    Pip-pip Cheerio and all that.

  8. Gorgeous! I love that! This Nick fellow sounds like a total keeper.

    And I think we're cut from the same skin, because I can't do anything without music on in the background. :)

  9. I found your blog thanks to Kimberly Franklin!!!

    I love english accent... I'm with Kim, my husband should work on getting one!

    I also always need background music while working! Either to air out the negativity, or keep to many thoughts at bay! Great blog!!!

  10. I've been to England twice. I love it. It's wrong I don't live there. However, my current WiP takes place there, so I'm planning another trip for research!

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  12. First of all, Gavin is so hot. I love him. And second, what girl doesn't like being called gorgeous. Maybe next time you are at Starbucks you can order him to go :)

  13. Kelly - I love it! I have a theory that the Starbucks employees are so nice because they are so hyped up on the caffeine! I know just getting a latte' in the morning puts me in a better mood! SOOOOO jealous you saw Gavin in him! Also love his wife, Gwen!

    Kim - you may be onto something...perhaps we should all put our hubby's in training? I don't think it's weird at all...pure genius!

    Kristin - I have a feeling I would LOVE that series. I may have to DVR it though - I'm not much on the late nights! **she says as she types on her computer at 11:15 pm...LOL**

    DL - GREAT selections...all of them!

    Jen - Glad I'm not alone...we need to form a support group! HA!

    Victoria - Glad I could return the favor because you ALWAYS make me smile. :-)

    Holly - that cracked me up! Reminded me of that Geico commercial..have you seen it? Pip pip cheerio then!

    Elana - I know, right? Who wouldn't love to hear that in the morning?

    Another JEN - don't tell but Kim is one of my favorites! Love that girl...she always cracks me up! And Thanks!!!

    Elspeth - you've got me thinking....I need to write something set in England and go do research...

    Daniel - I will definitely check it out!

    Eva - He is like the epitome of hot. If I think about it I'll try to post some pics of my framed photo over the'd be highly entertained. So pretty.

  14. Thank u :-) look at this emo boy one on this blog: