Thursday, January 14, 2010

My first blog award!!!!!

New Year's Resolution tracking:

Writing progress:  Good.  Kind of.  I rewrote the entire beginning of my WIP and changed my MC.  Lots of changes but I feel they were good ones that need to be made.  I spent last night scribbling away into my notebook and it was a feeling I have missed as of late.

Weight progress:  Blah!  Scale steadily inched forward this morning and I'm attempting to remind myself that good eating habits and exercise take time!

Reading progress:  Excellent!  Still reading the Fire in Fiction and it's motivating and inspiring me with my latest WIP.

I received my first ever blog award on Tuesday!!!  Thanks Kimberly!  I spent yesterday morning proudly adding it to my blog, along with some other random tidbits.  I included a blurb about some of the writing books I've read, added a few more of my favorite blogs to my reading list and basked in the glory of my first award. 

I'm hoping to pass it along as is the tradition with receiving such awards but I first need to ponder the possiblities.  So many great blogs out there.

In other random ramblings - I received two calls last night at 1am and 2am from "Johnny" saying he was at the airport and waiting on me.  This isn't the first time I have heard from "Johnny" and he loves to leave me angry and drunken voice mails.  One has to wonder if he has ever stopped to listen to the voice mail message that plays instead of just berating me at 2 am with phrases like "If you don't ever pick up the phone how am I going to talk to you?"  Indeed Johnny, you strange are right.  And that's precisely why I don't pick up.  I keep thinking that Johnny has realized he has the wrong number when weeks go by without hearing from him...but then he calls and leaves me a new entertaining message.  I'd honestly prefer they didn't wake me out of bed when I get up early to go to work but I suppose Johnny doesn't mind.  He really really wants to talk to me.  I had my phone on vibrate for the rest of the night. 

Maybe next time I'll be brave and pick up, tell him he has the wrong number.  He sounds a little scary though so I'm not sure this is a good option...and well, then my momentary entertainment is gone.  But one does have to wonder if Johnny ever really gets in touch with whoever he is after or if he just assumes said person is avoiding him.  I would hate to be the cause of such undeserved thoughts.  Maybe I will pick up next time.

Speaking of being brave...I'm off to my Starbucks for the first time since "the incident".  I'm being brave.  Wish me luck.

In other news:  I have downloaded some Nicole Mullen/Mute Math/Evanescense today for my listening pleasure.  Will let you all know what I think tomorrow....if I remember. 

And my very last thought of the day before I rush off is this:  There is so much free advice to be found on the web and throughout the blogging world from both publishers/agents/published authors that at times, it can be overwhelming.  What do you do with the advice you read? Take it as gospel or just a healthy reminder? 

I personally like to read everything I can and use it to my advantage.  It's great that it's out there but I also think it's imortant to still do your own thing if you truly believe in it.  For example, I recently read somewhere that most main character's these days are women...these books are flying off the shelves and that if you have a male persona as your main character, you may want to rethink it.  The book I happen to be working on has a male main character and so I pondered this all day yesterday.  I'm sticking with him as my main character because the story just isn't interesting otherwise.  But I do so knowing that it's different and a bit risky.  I'm okay with that.  I like reading advice but it doesn't always mean I heed it.  On the other end of the spectrum, I also read how too much backstory at the beginning of the book is distracting and seeing how this could get boring and stale to a reader, I rewrote my beginning and I KNOW it's already better.

And with that...I'm off!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


  1. Good luck with your trip to Starbucks!

    I read a lot of advice out there. Sometimes good advice, sometimes not. But, there is a lot of good writing/publishing/querying advice out there, which I am really thankful for. I need all the help I can get!

    Also, Beautiful Creatures has a male main character and it's doing just fine. So it may be risky, but not inpossible.

    Good Luck!

  2. I take in all the advice I can find, some I use, some I store, and some I throw out.

    I read books all the time with male MCs! I enjoy them just as much as female MCs. But I have noticed the trend too.

    I'm not sure what to think about poor old belligerent Johnny.

    Thanks forstopping by my blog.

  3. I certainly never take any advice I read as law, especially because every second person has a different opinion about what makes a good novel or query letter, but its nice to have an idea of what sells. I try to combine the best of everything I read, hopefully making it "the best."

    About a male character as a lead, do what works for your story! So what if its risky? Maybe it will soon be the trend? The Demon's Lexicon is from a male POV, and its GREAT. I also just critiqued a manuscript for a fellow writers guild member and her main character was male, too. I think it can totally work, as long as it's believable that it's actually a male.

  4. Congrats on the award! You'll know if the advice is good, trust yourself.


  5. Oh, Starbucks! Yum! My MC is male. I think if the writer believes in their character anything is possible.

    You deserve your award!

  6. Congrats on the award! You deserve it. I am so excited you are writing a male MC. I would love to and have tried a couple times but always fall flat. Good luck!

  7. Kimberly - Thanks! I agree - I too need all the help I can get and I love all the advice out there! And I still can't wait to get into Beautiful Creatures! Good luck to you!

    Southpaw - Thanks for stopping by!!! And that's the stance I take too - read it all, take what I like and ignore the rest!

    Kristin - I think you have this advice thing down to a science! And I'm thinking about joining a critquing group after hearing you talk about yours so thanks AGAIN for the inspiration!

    Elspeth - you are too kind! I like those yourself!

    Victoria - Thanks...I adore your blog! And your male MC drake! He ranks up there with Starbucks in the yummminess department!

    Eva - My big fear about writing a male is remembering that they are SO different all along! It's fun to attempt but I definitely plan on having a few males read my manuscript as I go to make sure I'm not unintentionally making him too "girly". We'll see how it goes!